Thursday, January 22, 2015

Survivor: Worlds Apart - The Cast in LEGO

Finally, after months of cast spoilers that began the day they left for Nicaragua, the cast of Survivor: Worlds Apart has been officially revealed.  So now I can reveal the cast in LEGO.

This season, the tribes are split into themes: White Collar vs Blue Collar vs No Collar.  I have found that the best place on the internet to get all the cast information at once (bios, pictures, videos) is at, where the videos will even play for those outside the US, unlike at - thanks for that, @truedorktimes.  Kai is ready to take a good hard look at this cast, so with a plate of kale chips in front of him (his request), here we go.



Max Dawson - @fymaxwell

There are a lot of things I could share about Max, but let's keep the focus on me.  Sure, he's on Survivor, but this is my blog, with which Max has a history.  He is the very first Survivor to ever be honoured with his own LEGO minifigure long before being cast on the show.  His minifigure made appearances in both my LEGO Caramoan Finale recap and my LEGO Blood vs Water Finale recap.  Max actually brought both of our minifigures with him to Nicaragua, so I can now say that my minifigure has been on location, which is super cool.  Sadly, I can't say the same for the minifigure in the above picture as Max only brought my minifigure back to me because he lost his very special LEGO minifigure that I had trusted him with in the sands of some Nicaraguan beach after he took his press photos.  
Kai's Thoughts: "As long as people know Max is my friend, I'm good."
You, and literally every other person on the Internet, Kai.

There are also other people on Survivor this Season, but as Kai abandoned me once his kale chips were done & we finished watching/reading everything to do with Max (who is Kai's friend, you know), I'm just going to post them all without commentary.  My intention really was to do a full cast assessment, & maybe we'll get around to updating this on the weekend when Kai is more into it.
UPDATE: He was & we did!
I promise my recaps will not be biased or specifically Max-heavy or Max-light - I know everyone looks to the blog that recaps Survivor using toys to maintain its journalistic integrity, & I will not let you down, 17 readers of mine.

Shirin Oskooi - @theshirin

Shirin would bring whiskey & BeyoncĂ© to the island so she's my favourite White Collar.  Kai's thoughts are on why the other item she would bring would be a goat, or a muffin.  
Kai's thoughts: "Is the goat for eating or for snuggling or making clothes?"

Joaquin Souberbielle - @Joaqsworld

Joaquin would bring alcohol & music to turn the island into a party, so he's my favourite White Collar.  
Kai's thoughts: "Everything's better with alcohol unless you're my age."

Carolyn Rivera - @MamaC_14

Carolyn looks super fit and athletic.
Kai's thoughts: "She knows herself.  That's intense."

Tyler Fredrickson - @TheTFreddy

Tyler is very blond - I can't help but see my brother's childhood Cabbage Patch Kid, Ollie Hunter, in the form of a grown man.  I both like this more than I should, & find it eerie.  And of course I will find a picture of him so you can be awed as well.
Kai's thoughts: "I like how he's super confident about himself & I wonder if his football past will help him in some challenges."

So Kim - @so_kim

So would bring letters from home to remind her to dig deep - that's what Jeff Probst is for!  I love her hair.  LOVE her hair. 
Kai's thoughts: "What's she laughing at?" - re: Meet So video


Dan Foley - @chxdigme

Dan has a great look & makes a great LEGO minifigure so Dan is my favourite Blue Collar. 
Kai's thoughts: "I've never heard of disc golf."

Mike Holloway - @ucantdothat121

What are the odds that another Blue Collar plays disc golf?  
Kai's thoughts: "Me & him are so alike.  We both hate when people can't spell & we have a competitive fire inside. Never quit attitude?  Another reason me & him are so alike."

Sierra Dawn Thomas - @sierra_dawn_ (IG)

Whoa, whoa, whoa.  References to her physical, mental & emotional capabilities being at "a man's level", or "doing a man's job".  Honey, you can get it without having to see a man as the barometer of success.
Kai's thoughts: "If she was a barrel racer, she should have been in the Desolation of Smaug barrel scene. Or Donkey Kong."

Lindsey Cascaddan - @_tattoolou_ (IG)

Lindsey seems super fun & would also bring alcohol to the island, & also makes a great LEGO minifigure so she is my favourite Blue Collar.
Kai's thoughts: "Because everyone wants vodka on the island."

Kelly Remington - @remington231

Kelly would not bring alcohol to the island so I'm not sure how I feel about her.
Kai's thoughts: "She should be in Cops R' Us."

Rodney Lavoie Jr. - @Rodney_Boston

I look forward to watching Rodney use his "comical laughter" to win people over.
Kai's thoughts: "The Boston Bruins are my team and he said it was the city of champions.  It's crazy how much I have in common with these Survivors."


Joe Anglim - @Janglim21

Joe is pretty & rocks a glorious man bun.  He is my favourite No Collar.
Kai's thoughts: "He's an artist.  I am so like all of these Survivors."

Nina Poersch - @NinaPoersch

Nina's occupation is listed as Hiker, which is odd, but she seems like a sweet woman who's not afraid to backstab people so she's my favourite No Collar.
Kai's thoughts: "I'm pretty astonished.  I couldn't do that - be deaf on Survivor."

Will Sims II - @WillandMonifa

Will likes karaoke, so he's my favourite No Collar.
Kai's thoughts: "Does he want to bring lotion because he wants to look fresh like Max?"

Hali Ford - @hali_ford

Hali looks displeased with everything, like Episodes' Myra.
Kai's thoughts: "She said 'strategically' a lot which means she's probably smart...that one's more of a theory, not really a joke."

Jenn Brown - @jenncantdance

Jenn seems super chill & fun & I just want her to get that jet ski, man.
Kai's thoughts: "She's the only one who likes hockey on Survivor.  And sour candy.  That's crazy."

Vince Sly - No social media, obvs.  If you absolutely must get in touch, whisper *sexy solstice* into a westward blowing wind, and you will find a reply hidden in the next glorious man bun you see.

I don't know if I want to see anyone this season more than Vince.  A glorious man bun WITH FEATHERS CASCADING FROM IT?  Come on.
Kai's thoughts: "Best use of feathers on Survivor ever."

And those are the minifigures Kai & I will be using for recreated scenes, memes, Vines, & maybe another full-length song if something spectacular happens this season.  We'll be back in about a month with live-tweeting & more blogging, so in the meantime, follow me on Twitter - @MomofKai, and follow Kai, too - @SonofMomofKai.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Survivor: San Juan del Sur - LEGO - Finale

After @melgotserved posted her recap of The Bachelor mere minutes after the premiere ended last Monday, I realized I had yet to post any sort of recap for Survivor: San Juan del Sur, which had its finale roughly 3 weeks ago.

At this point, it's only worth noting that there was a deserving winner, Natalie, & that Alec making the jury was one of the best things to ever happen on Survivor.

One reason why I forgot about doing a recap was because the finale night of live-tweeting was a lot of fun on its own - I agreed to allow Kai to live-tweet for the first time & it got off to a great start.  Turns out he's pretty good at live-tweeting, like when Probst wasted time talking to a young girl named Olivia in the audience.

Or when it was challenge time.

It's interesting to interact with someone on Twitter when they are sitting right next to you.

Another reason why I forgot to do a recap was because I'm just really ready for next season to start already.  The San Juan del Sur finale ended with a preview of Season 30 - Survivor: Worlds Apart, in which someone states that they step on people in order to get to the next plateau.  Whoa.  Sounds like a player that will either be loved or hated.

CBS just released some photos, & the Tribal Council set is stunning.

Looks just like an Ewok Village, you say?  And LEGO has an amazing version?

That's incredible, because someone must have given Santa a tip.

A video posted by Lisa Ferreira (@momofkai) on

I'm very much looking forward to both watching & blogging this season, & to Kai's live-tweets, of course.  So follow us both - @MomofKai & @SonofMomofKai - & we'll be back with our thoughts & LEGO once the cast is announced!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Survivor: San Juan del Sur - LEGO - Spa Day

The Final 6 return to camp after voting Alec out.  Everyone is confused, and Natalie pretends to have mixed up her vote.

The Reward Challenge involves teams belted together, racing through hay bales & posts, & carrying a bucket of water over a giant see-saw.  When there's enough water on the other side, a gate will be released, & the teams will complete a puzzle.  This challenge was designed by a 13 year old via the Make a Wish Foundation, & it's pretty great.  Winning team gets a

Missy hurts her ankle on the see-saw, but she, Keith, & Jon still win the reward.  Jon gives up his spot to Baylor so she can share this experience with her Mom, & also because 

Keith says

Natalie volunteers for Exile while Keith, Missy & Baylor head for their spa day, & Jon & Jacyln go back to camp by themselves.

At the spa, Keith examines Missy's ankle.

Keith eats spa food, showers, then gets rubbed.

Back at camp, Jon & Jaclyn discuss having to break up the alliance of 5 if Keith wins Immunity. Natalie is having a hard time at Exile, & she shares how much she's missing her sister Nadiya, who was voted out first.  She is greeted with a rice bowl when she rejoins Huyopa at the Immunity Challenge.  

Missy's hobbling in & Probst calls in medical.  Dr. Ben shows up & after an examination, recommends an X-Ray, which means pulling Missy from the game.

I took that LEGO pic during a commercial break, when I was still thinking about Dr. Ramona.  (Not Roberta, thank you to those who corrected me on twitter.  You would think being that close to the Survivor Drs name would be good enough but NO.)  I thought about remaking it with Dr. Ben, but discovered that the only doctor outfits I have in LEGO are women's, which made me happy, so Dr. Ramona is back, you guys!

Missy cries.  A lot.  Maybe more than my beloved Dawn.

Missy declines the X-Ray & says she's staying in the game but won't compete for Immunity.  The Immunity Challenge involves holding onto ropes & balancing themselves & a vase on a see-saw. Probst keeps calling them teeter-totters, but I'm sorry - when you're an adult, you say see-saw.  Natalie wins Immunity after a strong gust of wind knocks Jon's vase down.  But don't worry, he's still optimistic.

Aw, puddin'.  What a nice young man.  Jon & Jacyln are confident that Keith will be voted out, but Natalie is finally going to get her revenge for the Jeremy vote.  She, Keith, Missy, & Baylor will split the votes between Jon & Jaclyn in case an idol is played.  But Missy is hard to convince because she has a deal with Jon that she feels she can't break.

Time for Tribal Council & the jury & the face that inspired a million tweets.

Time to vote & votes are read & it's a three-way tie between Keith & Jon & Jaclyn.  Revote gets Jon voted out, because despite Missy's reluctance, only Natalie & Baylor's votes are needed.

Tonight is the finale, & I've been convinced to let Kai live-tweet it, so follow @SonofMomofKai for a 10 year old's perspective, & spelling errors.  He's really into emojis.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Survivor: San Juan del Sur - LEGO - Immunity Deals

Huyopa returns to camp for a double episode after the departure of Wes.  Reed & Alec are all WTF, KEITH?  "When you said 'Stick with the plan' I was like 'Oh my god, Keith, you're killing me right [Jon} panicked & he played the idol."

Jon is upset that Jaclyn thanked Natalie for telling him to play his idol.  Jon wants to claim it was his idea for the jury.

Jaclyn is pissed that Jon...actually, I don't really know why she's pissed, but I had to remind Kai that they're engaged right now because he was getting upset that they were fighting.

"'Screw him'?!?  But she loves him!"

The Reward Challenge will be questions about the Survivors who have been voted out.  A question answered correctly earns a chop at a rope holding up an effigy of a fellow Survivor.  Three chops and that Survivor is out, by way of a rock that falls, crushing a skull that's filled with blood.

"I like that."

These kinds of challenges never skimp on the horror.  I mostly think of One World's version.

Or as @melgotserved pointed out in her blog...

The winner gets a horseback ride, a BBQ, brownies, & a night at a resort.

Reed's is the first skull to be smashed, and Alec's & Keith's quickly follow.  The alliance of 5 then stands there discussing what to do next - who should win, who should go to Exile.

Probst calls off the challenge & asks who they want to give the win to.  Missy "wins", Jon volunteers to go to Exile.  Missy gets to/has to choose 2 people with whom to share her reward, & she chooses Baylor & Natalie, leaving Jaclyn out.  Reed calls Baylor a brat & Missy gets her back up.  "That's my kid."  But I mean with those bedroom eyes & that baby beard, how could anyone be mad at that face? <3

Someone who can't seem to grow a beard, Jon, wanted to go to Exile to find one of the idols that are back in play.  Guess what?  He finds it, just as easily as he found his first.  And just like his previous stint on Exile, back at camp a Christy brother is hitting on Jaclyn.  Alec says "It's not gonna hurt anybody.  It's just kinda like cream cheese."

Kai finds this hi.lar.ious & starts listing off things he would never put cream cheese on.

"Steak.  Chicken fingers.  Rice Krispie Squares.  Pizza."

Alec takes the sweetening to another level.

The Immunity Challenge involves rolling balls down paddles & landing them in holes.  Basically:

Keith wins, prompting this from Jon:

Jon & Jaclyn fight & it takes up a lot of the rest of the episode until Tribal Council, when they talk about fighting some more, and Reed is voted out & I am sad.

Kai basically checks out at this point as 2 hours of Survivor, 1 of which is relationship drama, 1 of which is now running past his bedtime, has bored him into reaching to play on his iPad.

The next Reward Challenge involves standing on a small block while keeping a ball against wood using a fat rolling pin.  The last person standing wins a bed at camp, which, as the winner of an air mattress in the Final Reward Challenge of my theatre group's Survivor weekend, I can tell you will be greatly appreciated. (I won mine on our Day 3 out of 4 & almost cried from happiness).  They also win carbs in the form of pasta so it's a reward made for me.

Natalie wins this amazingness, sends Alec to Exile, & chooses Jon & Jaclyn to share the reward.  Natalie is still intent on getting rid of Jon.

Natalie approaches Baylor & asks her to vote out Jon, but without telling Missy, because Missy's "blinded by Jon".

The Immunity Challenge is one from the first Blood vs Water, involving leveling a table upon which tiles need to be lined up.  Let's have a look back at how Monica did with it.

Jon wins Immunity, throwing a wrench into Natalie's plan.  The 5 decide to split votes between Keith & Alec, with the majority of votes going to Keith.

At Tribal Council, voting out Challenge Threats is brought up.  Keith admits:

Keith ends up being saved, & Alec is voted out, leaving behind a bewildered Missy & Jon & a smirking Natalie.

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