Friday, July 31, 2015

CCP's Survivor-Themed Fundraiser 2014

I'm heading out right now to participate in my second year of a fundraiser for a theatre group.  It's not an open mic, a cabaret, or a party.  One of Toronto's longest running theatre groups, Curtain Call Players, hosts an annual Survivor-themed weekend at a lake in Southern Ontario, organized by the most amazing stage managers and set builders & artists you can imagine.  Believe it or not, I joined the group, playing Inga in Young Frankenstein, before I knew about this.  Last year was so much fun I didn't hesitate to sign up again.  

For a fun DIY camping experience, it's pretty legit.  Virtually only given a tarp & some pegs, fire supplies, & a bag of rice, & a Port-A-Potty (we're theatre people, not monsters), for 3 days we go through a continuous hourly cycle of Reward Challenge, Immunity Challenge, Tribal Council, Redemption Island, and then all over again until we're at the Final Tribal Council.  We had Hidden Immunity Idols, a Tribe Swap, a Merge, an Auction, a blindside so fierce it almost cost 2 bros their friendship, and emotions.  So many more emotions than I had thought would be felt, were.

The whole weekend was filmed, and has been edited into episodes which have been released to us on a weekly basis. As of right now, the final episode hasn't been released yet, but I will update this post the second it is & I have Internet access again, that is.  So for everyone who's ever asked me if I would ever play Survivor if I could, & how I think I would do, enjoy!  

Episode 1, aka Lisa Uses Survivor Challenge Knowledge to her Advantage:

Episode 2, aka Theatre Groups Incorporate Dance Into Challenges:

Episode 3, aka The Blindfold Challenge

Episode 4, aka Tribe Swap

Episode 5, aka The Merge

Episode 6, aka The Auction:

Episode 7, aka A Challenge Is Thrown:

Episode 8, aka Lisa Cries:

Episode 9, aka Fallen Comrades:

Episode 10: