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Survivor: Blood vs Water Finale, Reunion & LA - In LEGO - 27.13.14

This season has been loads of fun for me.  After last season ended, someone commented to me that reality TV & social media really work together to shrink the distances between people.  I, for one, am grateful for that, as this community is a pretty great one to be a part of (even if it does have more than its fair share of weirdos to try to avoid.)  So while I never got around to making another full-length music video this time, I *did* make a podcast appearance on RHAP, & I got to hang out & talk Survivor & The Walking Dead with Dalton Ross.  All because I started writing about something I love, & playing with toys at the same time.  The people I've met - from the show itself, & bloggers, podcasters, & fans of the show - they've mostly been amazing, & it makes me happy to be involved with others who are so passionate about something.

I was in LA for the Survivor finale, & as a result, never recapped episode 13.  So once again, we have 4 hours of Survivor to recap (ep. 13 will be short, I promise), as well as my adventures in LA.  Grab a coffee, craft beer or whiskey, or perhaps make yourself a feast with all the fixin's, & let's get to it.

Having drawn the (white) rock at Tribal Council, Katie joins her Mom & Laura at Redemption Island. 
The duel:

My own daughter called me a freak.  It is both long AND strong enough, Jeff.

After Laura dominates & wins another duel, Tina reluctantly beats her daughter, sending Katie out of the game for really reallz.  Laura gives the idol clue to Ciera, which is useless.  

Back at camp, Gervase wants to keep Monica close, so he asks her to prepare a spreadsheet detailing the degree to which she trusts each Survivor.  Preferably with highlightable rows.  This is where having your very own #POCKETPITMAN would come in handy.

Gervase can organize trust exercises all he wants, but Monica says:

Immunity Challenge:

"Gervase is beating Ciera, & Gervase is no star in the water!"

Ciera catches up & wins Immunity after solving a puzzle featuring an oft-uttered Probstism:

Ciera & Hayden try to sway Monica by beating her down & telling her she's a goat.  At Tribal Council, Monica is basically in the same position Ciera was in last week:

But unlike Ciera, Monica doesn't budge, & Hayden is voted out.

By the time this episode had aired, I had already arrived in LA, & made it to the top of 2 mountains (Runyon Canyon, & the Griffith Observatory Hike).  If you're unaware of the fiasco that was my attempt at hiking to the Hollywood Sign during the May finale in LA, you can read the LEGO recap here.  Or, this Vine should explain it succinctly:

I received a lovely surprise which I'm choosing to believe was *just* for me, & that was the unexpected arrival of one of my favourite tweeters, Ari Ferarri (@AriFerarri) ...And if you're not already following him, you are missing out.  Truly.

The next afternoon, a bunch of us went on the Hollywood Sign Hike.  I was ready.  I had trained.  I had eaten a lot of kale.  That's why it was a shock when our hike leader suggested that we turn back with 20 minutes to go because We've already been hiking for 2.5 hours.  FUCK THAT.  My return to the Hollywood Sign Hike was like Gervase being forced to eat grubs again.  There was no way I wasn't getting that goddamned photo op on the top this time.

Yay!  Didn't die!  Handled my business!

Look - I know people love an Adorable, Out-of-Shape Girl who gets lost on a mountain.  But what they love even more is a Newly-Reformed Adorable, In-Slightly-Better-Shape Girl who not only completes the hike triumphantly, but who *could* steal money from it as it leaves an ATM (but chooses not to because she's better than that now).  That night, I enjoyed a lot of fine whiskey.

Also that night, I met 2 other Survivor bloggers, & it was a pleasure to hang with both Jeff Pitman (@truedorktimes) & Andy Baker (@GetOnSurvivor).  Andy helped Jeff & I recreate #POCKETPITMAN - originally an offhand comment in the RHAP podcast, it became a meme with real me & Jeff's minifig.  So Andy captured a pic with both of our real selves.  So now, obviously, I will bring this bit full circle (read: run this into the ground) with an all-LEGO version of the pic.

And we will never speak of it again.

The next morning, a few of us returned to the site of an infamous party from last season's finale weekend.  It was decidedly less awful in the light of day.  And from the outside.

Unlike last season, I wasn't offered tickets to the finale, so on Sunday afternoon, I watched the finale/reunion in a room filled with live-tweeters: Max Dawson (@fymaxwell), Haley Strong (@hstrong_), Clayton Spivey (@ClaytonSpivey), Jessica Frey (@JessicaNFrey), & Ari Ferarri (@AriFerarri).

The Wifi had no idea what it was in for.

The finale began with a recap of the whole season.  Moments such as:

Gervase's Cheer

Rupert as the first boot.

Fuck You, Brad Culpepper

The Babes

VytasYoga vs CoachChi

Kat's Hoodie Pull

and Katie's Caveman

The final Redemption Island duel of the season involves Hayden, Tina & Laura M balancing a vase on a plank using their foot.  The winner will return to the game, & the other 2 will leave for really reallz.  Hayden's vase drops first, & Laura has the audacity to ask Tina to let her have this one.

"No way, sister."

Despite several amazing saves by Laura, her vase drops & Tina returns to the game, keeping the (useless) Idol Clue for herself.  I have to say, it was hard seeing Laura leave this way after being such a force in the duels.

Back at camp, Tina & Ciera search for the Idol, & when they can't find it, they turn to Monica to make a MOM Alliance, which leaves Monica feeling pounced on.

The Immunity Challenge involves leveling out a table by holding a rope, & lining blocks up on the table.  First Survivor to have all 10 blocks standing wins Immunity.  It's harder than it sounds.

Tyson wins & accepts his Immunity necklace in a way that's uniquely Tyson.

At Tribal Council, the jury enters, & Hayden has taken a page from Reynold's book, "Grooming at Ponderosa for Shits & Giggles" & shows up with a pornstache.

Full beard or GTFO.

Monica is being courted from both sides, but not in a positive way.  They insult you.  They say you're easily manipulated.  They're using you. 

After the vote, Tyson gives Gervase the Hidden Immunity Idol to play.  Turns out it wasn't necessary, as Monica kept to her alliance with the Coconut Bandits, & Ciera is voted out, leaving a Final Four of returning players.

The Final Immunity Challenge involves collecting puzzle pieces from an obstacle course, & figuring out a combination that will raise a flag.  There were really only two parts of the obstacle course I wish they had focused on, & that was this part:

I could watch this forever.

And this could-this-be-any-more-adorable part:

Tyson wins Immunity, giving him a spot in the Final 3.  Back at camp, Monica considers siding with Tina & making it a 2-2 vote, forcing Gervase & Tina to make fire.  Ultimately, she sticks with the boys, & Tina bunny hops out of the game.  Not really, but that would have been totes adorbs.

The next morning, a Final 3 Breakfast is had, but it's not my favourite Day 39 breakfast.

Monica has a tearful (albeit third person) moment reflecting on how Monica the Wife, & Monica the Mother, found Monica.  Some of the people watching with me rolled their eyes, but I admit I was tearing up.  There is a reason this is a cliché.  It's because it happens.  All the time, all too easily, once your priorities are forced to change.  Trust me.  Even though my twitter handle is @MomofKai, being a Mom is not the only thing that defines me.  Kai just happens to be really cool & I want everyone to know that I MADE HIM.  And I like the way that MomofKai sounds.  #TEAMMOM

It's Final Tribal Council time, & the opening statements are pretty decent.  Gervase reminds everyone that there have been 13 years between Seasons 1 & 27, & that he's adapted to the new style of play & was instrumental in big moves behind the shield of Tyson.  Monica begins by asserting that she was not dragged to the Final 3 as a goat - she chose to go to the end with Tyson & Gervase so she would have less blood on her hands comparatively.  Tyson says he knew he was seen as a threat & just wanted to have fun while he lasted, but that changed when his being a threat got Rachel voted out, & he became determined to make it to the end.

Vytas is first up for the jury questions, & he basically states that he thinks Tyson deserves his vote, but because his last play was telling him If you vote me out, you're not getting my jury vote, he wont give it to him.  That's some grade school bullshit right there. He moves on to Gervase.

Katie brings up Tyson's opening statement, in which he said everything he did was strategic, none of it was out of malice.

Caleb & his luxurious beard (he knows what's up) asks Gervase what his biggest move was (voting out Aras), & wants Monica to be vulnerable.  Monica says her whole life has been about Brad, & it's never been about her until now.  She's proud of herself & wanted to be someone other than Brad's Wife, or Rex, Judge & Honor's Mom.  I feel you, girl.  I'm proud of you.

Ciera wants to know if Tyson sees himself as a villain or a hero.  Tyson says he's not a villain, so by default, he must be a hero.  Gervase tells Ciera he always planned to vote Tyson out at Final 4.

Laura says, Monica, I don't know who you are.  NEITHER DOES MONICA.  She's still figuring it out.  Geez, you guys.  Nobody is complaining to Tyson that he wasn't vulnerable enough - they only care about his strategy.  Nobody is questioning Gervase on how he could have thought of voting out Tyson if they were BFFs - they only care about his strategy.  I had an interesting conversation with Ari after the finale, about #MOMS in Survivor. He noted that Monica was faulted for not expressing herself enough, leading people to feel that they didn't know her, while last season, Dawn was faulted for the exact opposite.  Dawn was seen as a backstabber for being strategic against someone she had a genuine connection with.  So here's the thing that a lot of us keep saying & will probably continue to say forever: There is no MOM mold.  Just because a woman is a Mother doesn't mean she has to live by a higher moral code than anyone else.  This season we had a lot of Moms - Laura B, Laura M, Ciera, Tina, & Monica.  Can we not agree they're all unique & complex?  #TEAMMOM

(That's my last MOM rant until next season when inevitably we'll go through it with another MOM.)

Tina asks for one word to describe who they are at their core.  The words are generous, honourable, & fun-loving, & you can guess who they belong to pretty easily.

Hayden asks if Tyson had the Hidden Immunity Idol when they drew rocks, & if he did, where was it?  Tyson says he found it in a tree, but I wish he had taken the question differently.

Hayden continues the Monica-we-don't-know-you line of questioning which drives Monica to a level of frustration I'm familiar with.  The can't-hold-back-the-tears-what-the-fuck-do-you-want-from-me level of frustration.

Aras asks each player who should get a vote between the other 2 sitting next to them.  Both Gervase & Monica answer Tyson, & Tyson answers Monica.

Time to vote, & then we're at the live reunion show where it's announced that the winner of Survivor: Blood vs Water is Tyson, sporting flat-ironed hair & a tuxedo shirt.

The reunion continues as expected, with Probst uttering another Probstism:

There's a Cochran segment, where he talks about his new career as a writer for The Millers, & we see a ridiculously funny pre-taped segment with Will Arnett.  I attended a taping of The Millers while in LA, & it was truly funny.  I mean, JB Smoove.  After the taping, I went out with Cochran, which made up for not getting a pic when I met him last season.  I had never tried sushi before, so who better to convince me to try it than a gross food challenge beast?

Cochblocked from the last piece of sushi.

Back to the reunion & there's an extremely awkward bit with Kat where she tries to address her recent plastic surgery, but it's not really noticeable, so there was no need to comment on it, & you just kind of want to hug her & tell her everything's going to be okay & she doesn't need to explain herself to anybody.  Oh, Kat.

Candice & John get a great crowd response, which of course I love because #TEAMBABE.  Tina & Katie speak of their recent loss, & Tina urges everyone to buckle up, & overall, it is handled extremely well.

It is officially revealed what next season will be:

After the finale/reunion is over, we head to the after-party.  First Survivor we spot?  Penner.  Just as Monica is proud of herself for getting so far on her own, I am proud of myself for not fangirling like a moron.  I was quite composed.  You should all be proud of me.

About 10 minutes later, a lady took a picture with Max, because she thought he was Aras.  This also happened in May, but back then it seemed more believable, as Aras (#NOTMAX) had not just been on our televisions for 4 months, or, you know, for 3 hours that very evening, or, you know, standing 20 ft to the right of them at the time of the picture.  I mean, I know I used the same minifig head for both, but come on.

#NOTMAX                                                       #NOTARAS                          

After that, Vytas walked past me & my front-clasping bra popped open.  Not joking even a little bit.

He's dangerous, ladies.  Stay away.

Aside from Penner, the other Survivors who were there that I wanted to meet were, of course, The Babes.  Who were totally Babe-ly.  Overwhelmingly so.

Then Laura Holzwasser (@L_Ho_2012) showed up.  If any of you have ever been around an LHo, you know that they are magical, eternally intoxicated creatures who graciously bring along enough #UNCOMFY for everyone. Our LHo just manages to get away with it for some reason.

Thus ends Season 27 of Survivor, & my week in LA.  Thanks to everyone for the amazing time.  Below are the remaining Ponderosa videos, & in case anyone wants to see the photos these LEGO pics were recreated from, I've made them public on Facebook.  See you all in February for Survivor: Cagayan, & in the meantime, like this blog's Facebook page, & stay in touch on twitter - @MomofKai.  Thanks for reading!

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Survivor: Blood vs Water - Russell Feathers - 27.12

The tribe returns to camp after voting Caleb out.  Hayden is still in shock. "Kat would say 'touche'", but Hayden says,

Hayden tells the tribe, "I hope everybody here likes second place...because if Tyson goes to the end, he's winning."  Gervase is so offended that he's not considered the top dog, he doesn't even stop to think that maybe it would be a good idea to let Tyson take some heat.  Instead, he jumps up, starts bragging, & his scorpion tattoo jumps off his chest to heighten the tension EVEN MORE.

The Redemption Island duel involves a House of Cards with tiles, which of course makes us think of this amazing moment from South Pacific:

Laura is a beast again & finishes well ahead of Tina & Caleb.  At the last minute, Caleb's stack falls & Tina stays in the game while Caleb leaves for really reallz.  But not before Probst says You're super nice, but you're with Colton.  WTF is that about?  Caleb says they're actually similar in some ways.

Laura gives the Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Ciera, who keeps it, since one is back in play again.  Once back at camp, she shares the clue with her alliance in hopes of keeping it away from Hayden or Katie.  Footage of a emotional Tyson confessional in which he speaks of playing hard for Rachel is interspersed with footage of him sprinting off, scaling a tree & finding the Idol.  "I don't have pockets in any of my clothes so I gotta put it right in my crotch where nobody will suspect a bulge."

Off to the Immunity Challenge, which involves an obstacle course & hitting targets, & plenty of opportunity for Probst to say some of his favourite words:

Gervase wins Immunity, & with it, an ice cream party for him & 2 others.  He chooses Monica & Tyson, leaving Ciera feeling left out.  Hayden takes the opportunity to try to sway Ciera in the hammock (sorry).  She's not buying it, & neither is Gervase, despite earlier consideration.  Hayden is not giving up.

At Tribal Council, Hayden continues on Ciera, telling her she's at the bottom of her alliance, which Tyson's controlling.  Her alliance is like What? No way, we love you.  It basically looked like this:

Hayden & Katie say they led Gervase on only to rustle his feathers.  Tyson interrupts, "Ruffle feathers...Russell's a name."  This exchange birthed this glorious image, courtesy of Haley Strong:

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

If you haven't seen them yet, check out the other images of Russell Feathers by @hstrong_ on her Twitter page.  You won't be disappointed.  There's a flamingo.  And an actual Russell Swan Swan.

Hayden's fight proved worthwhile, as Ciera votes with him & Katie, leading to a 3-3 tie between Hayden & Monica.  They vote again, this time only for either Hayden or Monica, & are tied again.  Probst gives Katie, Ciera, Tyson, & Gervase the option of coming to a unanimous decision.  If they can't, they will draw rocks to see who is voted out (excepting Gervase, who has Immunity).  Can anyone explain to me why the 2 with votes already against them don't draw?  I don't understand that. 

The only other time this happened, the rock of death was purple.  Drawing the purple rock has become a thing. Because CBS was awful, & spoiled the rock-drawing in their promos, I spent 20 minutes searching for a purple LEGO piece to use as a rock.  Now I have a useless pic, because the rock of death in this episode turned out to be white.  WTF.

I wasn't the only one annoyed with the change.  They draw, reveal, & Katie has the white rock, sending her to Redemption Island.

I'll be in LA for the Survivor Finale, so expect either a short recap next week, or one to be tagged onto the Finale recap when I return.

Below is Caleb's Ponderosa video, & a Vine I made with a very cool dinner companion this week.  Comment here, on twitter (@MomofKai) or on this blog's Facebook page!

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Survivor: Blood vs Water - Namaste, Bitches - 27.11

The Survivors return to camp after voting out Laura M.  Ciera is super chill about it & Katie is WTF, this girl is cold.  Tyson is impressed by Ciera's loyalty, but is now wary of her.  "I can see that she's playing the game pretty hard.  I think she's underestimated by a lot of people, & she's going to be dangerous."

At the Redemption Island Duel, Vytas, Tina, & Laura M must release 4 coloured cubes from a long net tunnel, & then use the cubes to complete a puzzle.  Once again, Laura smokes her competition in a puzzle challenge.

Tina is far behind Vytas, but Laura helps her, telling her where to put each block, & which way it should be facing.  On Tuesday, Survivor's official twitter account teased "Two moms pull a less-than-maternal move at the Redemption Arena."  First of all, only Laura was doing anything that could be criticized.  What is Tina going to do - not listen?  Second, why is this not a maternal move?  Laura is protecting someone she wants to help.  THAT'S MATERNAL.  And thirdly, enough with the Moms-should-have-a-higher-moral-code stuff.  They're Moms, but they're also people playing a game.  Ugh.

Laura's help gives Tina the win over Vytas, who hugs Tina, but when Laura tries to hug him, he's just:

Probst can't let Vytas leave without bringing up his relationship with Aras again, & while the Full House music swells, Vytas waxes poetic about how this shared Survivor experience will bring them closer together than ever before.  (Can you even imagine how heartbroken Probst was when he saw that Vytas was, for whatever reason, not having Thanksgiving with Aras?  CAN YOU?)

Probst beams, & Vytas leaves for really reallz.

Laura gives the Hidden Immunity Idol Clue to Ciera, who burns it, I assume for Katie to continue believing she already has it.

Back at camp, Hayden pushes Caleb to make a move against Tyson.  He's in!  They approach Katie.  She's in! They approach Ciera.  She says she's in!

Ciera, however, would rather go to the end with Tyson for some reason, & runs & tells him what the others are planning.  The next morning, Hayden notices how close Ciera & Tyson are, & starts to get paranoid about where her loyalties lie.

Off to the Immunity Challenge, which consists of keeping a bucket in the air by holding onto a handle connected to it via rope, which will unspool as grips loosen.  Gervase, Tyson, & Ciera take the option to enjoy a BBQ instead of competing, & enjoy it they did.

While I understand the reasoning Ciera used later at Tribal Council ("If I don't think I can win...I'd rather not play & eat, than lose & not eat."), I would like to think I would always compete in an Immunity Challenge.  Even if you feel safe, your sitting out means one less competitor for your intended vote to face.

Monica wins her third individual Immunity, making it safe to say she proved her point.

Back at camp, Hayden pitches a new plan to Caleb: they go to Tyson & tell him Ciera is playing them against each other, & lobby to vote her out.  Tyson isn't sure who to believe, & is ready to play his idol as security.

At Tribal Council, Probst asks almost everyone: "Would you be shocked if it was you tonight?"  Surprisingly, he doesn't turn to the jury to ask if the Bauskauskas bonding had progressed at Ponderosa, & could he come by to bro-down later on?  (Just because we didn't see it doesn't mean it didn't happen, though.)  Everyone votes, & Probst asks if anyone wants to play an Immunity Idol.

Tyson dumps out his bag, sending his personal items everywhere, before he finds the idol.

Caleb is voted out & heads to Redemption Island, & Hayden silently fumes in his seat.

Below are the Ponderosa videos for both Aras & Vytas.  Comment here, on twitter (@MomofKai) or on this blog's Facebook page!

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Survivor: Blood vs Water - MOMS - 27.10

Holy Mom episode.  Katie is dealing with her Mom's recent exit to Redemption Island, Monica gets away with a calculated move because of the idea that Moms are selfless, & of course, Ciera votes her own Mom, Laura, out of the game.  To top it all of, I watched this episode with my Mom, & then the next morning with my son. MOMS.

Everyone who has been dying to hear strategy talk from the woman who makes LEGO memes about Reality TV, you're in luck!  This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Rob Cesternino about this week's episode, so check out my debut appearance on #RHAP, on the Richard Hatch (!!) podcast.

This pic will make sense once you listen.

Now to recap...

Katie is pretty sure she's doomed after the alliance of 7 just voted her Mom out.

Ciera asks her Mom to *please* avoid conversation about strategy & just continue to let Tyson run things.

But in a confessional, Ciera says:

The Redemption Island duel is a repeat of the grappling hook/table maze challenge from South Pacific, which Ozzy won, sending Cochran home for really reallz.  On RHAP, I mentioned that every single time I see a grappling hook on Survivor, I imagine Coach tucked into bed, weeping into a bearskin blanket, clutching his grappling hook tightly.  He 100% uses a grappling hook more often in his daily life than I use a remote control.

Vytas & Tina finish the challenge, & Aras leaves the game for really reallz.  Probst tries to drag out the bro-drama, but Aras isn't giving up any tears this time.  Vytas gives the Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Katie, after he diplomatically says "I plan on winning a few of these here, so it'll definitely be passed around."  Katie keeps the clue, which is useless as the idol has already been found by Tyson.

Later on, Tyson takes his shirt off.

Ciera sits her Mom down to try to explain to her that at some point, one of them is going to have to go, & it should be Laura.  Ciera says she came into this wanting to sit at the end with her Mom, but now she realizes "It won't happen.  It's not practical."  After the difficult conversation, Laura ends up feeling proud of her daughter.  MOMS.

The next morning, Katie rushes out early to search for the idol that's no longer there.  Laura sprints across the beach to catch up with her, & both start digging for an idol that's not there.

Back at camp, Tyson is realizing that he's seen as "the big bad wolf", & to keep those voted out on TEAM TYSON, he needs to adjust his game.  He wants to get Ciera on board with voting her Mom off.  Laura is like Cool beans & Tyson is like That was easy.

The Immunity Challenge is another iconic Cochran challenge - holding onto a rope while leaning back as long as you're able.  Monica wins Immunity, & with it, a feast of hot dogs, burgers, & pop.  Everyone knows it sucks to win a Reward Challenge after the merge, so when it's combined with an Immunity Challenge, it's really shitty.  The dreaded "Choose one other person to share it with" sucks balls.  Monica is in a lose-lose situation, & tearfully asks if she can forfeit the reward so everyone else can partake.  Now, of course this was a strategic play, but she really doesn't have another option.  This might not help her get further, but by not choosing any one or two people, she's not burning anyone either.  Caleb acknowledges that the move is probably political, but "Monica's a Mom, so I think it comes from the heart."

This is the double-edged sword that Moms in Survivor face.  Monica can get away with a strategic move like this because MOM...but Dawn was seen negatively, also because MOM, as according to all the awful people on the internet, & Malcolm in Caramoan's Final Tribal Council, "You can't be the warm Mother of 6 who stabs people in the back."  YES YOU CAN.  MOMS CAN BE ALL OF THESE THINGS.  So can Dads, but nobody seems to look at Skupin or Penner as duplicitous when they strategize because DAD.  Why is that?  Parenting is parenting, & let's not forget that a good chunk of parenting is lying.  Elaborately.  To your child's face.  Often.  About everything.  Why you can't have that.  Why you can't go there.  What Mom's talking about on the phone & can you please just give me some privacy already.  I mean, just think about the Christmas season alone.  SO MANY LIES.

My own Mom had a different theory.

So, who knows?  If Probst had instead offered a veggie feast with all the fixin's - all the kale, green apples & kombucha she could consume - perhaps she would have just said "Tyson, get on over here & share this with me." WE'LL NEVER KNOW.

Back at camp, Ciera tells Katie of Tyson's plan to vote out her Mom.  Katie says she's playing the idol anyway, & Ciera lies, telling her she knows she doesn't have it because she found the idol, & Katie just folds.  As Ciera later told her alliance:

Ciera tries to convince her alliance that since Katie doesn't have the idol, it's no biggie to keep her Mom for one more week.  Tyson knows how dangerous leaving a pair together would be, so he decides to stick with voting out Laura.

At Tribal Council, Aras shows up super-handsome & somehow pulls off a pink tank.

Werk it.

There is a back & forth over whether having your loved one in the game is an asset or a liability at this point, & then it's time to vote.  Probst reads the votes, & one of my favourite Survivor tweets of this season marked the occasion:

Yes, Ciera voted out her Mom.  I can only imagine that Probst is bummed that Blood vs Water wasn't aired on a Spring season of Survivor, as that finale usually lands on Mother's Day.  WHAT WERE YOU GUYS THINKING?

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