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Survivor: Blood vs Water - Russell Feathers - 27.12

The tribe returns to camp after voting Caleb out.  Hayden is still in shock. "Kat would say 'touche'", but Hayden says,

Hayden tells the tribe, "I hope everybody here likes second place...because if Tyson goes to the end, he's winning."  Gervase is so offended that he's not considered the top dog, he doesn't even stop to think that maybe it would be a good idea to let Tyson take some heat.  Instead, he jumps up, starts bragging, & his scorpion tattoo jumps off his chest to heighten the tension EVEN MORE.

The Redemption Island duel involves a House of Cards with tiles, which of course makes us think of this amazing moment from South Pacific:

Laura is a beast again & finishes well ahead of Tina & Caleb.  At the last minute, Caleb's stack falls & Tina stays in the game while Caleb leaves for really reallz.  But not before Probst says You're super nice, but you're with Colton.  WTF is that about?  Caleb says they're actually similar in some ways.

Laura gives the Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Ciera, who keeps it, since one is back in play again.  Once back at camp, she shares the clue with her alliance in hopes of keeping it away from Hayden or Katie.  Footage of a emotional Tyson confessional in which he speaks of playing hard for Rachel is interspersed with footage of him sprinting off, scaling a tree & finding the Idol.  "I don't have pockets in any of my clothes so I gotta put it right in my crotch where nobody will suspect a bulge."

Off to the Immunity Challenge, which involves an obstacle course & hitting targets, & plenty of opportunity for Probst to say some of his favourite words:

Gervase wins Immunity, & with it, an ice cream party for him & 2 others.  He chooses Monica & Tyson, leaving Ciera feeling left out.  Hayden takes the opportunity to try to sway Ciera in the hammock (sorry).  She's not buying it, & neither is Gervase, despite earlier consideration.  Hayden is not giving up.

At Tribal Council, Hayden continues on Ciera, telling her she's at the bottom of her alliance, which Tyson's controlling.  Her alliance is like What? No way, we love you.  It basically looked like this:

Hayden & Katie say they led Gervase on only to rustle his feathers.  Tyson interrupts, "Ruffle feathers...Russell's a name."  This exchange birthed this glorious image, courtesy of Haley Strong:

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

If you haven't seen them yet, check out the other images of Russell Feathers by @hstrong_ on her Twitter page.  You won't be disappointed.  There's a flamingo.  And an actual Russell Swan Swan.

Hayden's fight proved worthwhile, as Ciera votes with him & Katie, leading to a 3-3 tie between Hayden & Monica.  They vote again, this time only for either Hayden or Monica, & are tied again.  Probst gives Katie, Ciera, Tyson, & Gervase the option of coming to a unanimous decision.  If they can't, they will draw rocks to see who is voted out (excepting Gervase, who has Immunity).  Can anyone explain to me why the 2 with votes already against them don't draw?  I don't understand that. 

The only other time this happened, the rock of death was purple.  Drawing the purple rock has become a thing. Because CBS was awful, & spoiled the rock-drawing in their promos, I spent 20 minutes searching for a purple LEGO piece to use as a rock.  Now I have a useless pic, because the rock of death in this episode turned out to be white.  WTF.

I wasn't the only one annoyed with the change.  They draw, reveal, & Katie has the white rock, sending her to Redemption Island.

I'll be in LA for the Survivor Finale, so expect either a short recap next week, or one to be tagged onto the Finale recap when I return.

Below is Caleb's Ponderosa video, & a Vine I made with a very cool dinner companion this week.  Comment here, on twitter (@MomofKai) or on this blog's Facebook page!

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Matt said...

As a "Survivor" fan myself, I think the reason the people voted for don't draw rocks in a tie is simply to work as another incentive to prevent ties. CBS evidently doesn't think they make "good tv", and what better way to prevent them than to give those who weren't voted for a higher chance of leaving that night. If the odds are greater for their leaving, like a 1/3 vs. a 1/5 shot like it would have been last episode, someone's more likely to flip, and thus prevent the tiebreaker. At least, that's my theory