Thursday, February 07, 2013

Horrible Vacation (as told by me) OR Awesome Vacation (as told by Kai)

It is cold here.  Very cold.  And when it is cold, we do what all sane people do - we dream about escaping to the warmth.  You would think our recent trip south, just 3 months ago, would provide us with enough sunshiney, fun-filled memories to last until Spring.  You would be wrong.

Kai actually kept track of our November vacation to Florida with his drawings (like a photo blog, but with way better pictures).  Here he documents the vacation, which included a trip to the hospital on the second day.  Yes.  It was that kind of vacation.

He couldn't believe I hadn't shared his pictures already, so here we go.

Obviously an unpaid advertisement.

Our rental was *not* a 1987 Limo, & we actually hated it.  So, no hearts.

Crossed out is "with my money", which it was.

Actually from Old Navy.

Yes, that last line does read "I had an awesome trip".  Despite witnessing a very scary incident, a Grandma with a broken hand & a black eye, plans being tossed, & our vacation amounting to relaxing at the hotel (which is great if you're an adult, but not so much for a kid 5 minutes from theme parks), Kai "had an awesome trip".  Because really, what could be better than writing & drawing on pads of paper in the sunshine?

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