Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Survivor: San Juan del Sur - LEGO - Spa Day

The Final 6 return to camp after voting Alec out.  Everyone is confused, and Natalie pretends to have mixed up her vote.

The Reward Challenge involves teams belted together, racing through hay bales & posts, & carrying a bucket of water over a giant see-saw.  When there's enough water on the other side, a gate will be released, & the teams will complete a puzzle.  This challenge was designed by a 13 year old via the Make a Wish Foundation, & it's pretty great.  Winning team gets a

Missy hurts her ankle on the see-saw, but she, Keith, & Jon still win the reward.  Jon gives up his spot to Baylor so she can share this experience with her Mom, & also because 

Keith says

Natalie volunteers for Exile while Keith, Missy & Baylor head for their spa day, & Jon & Jacyln go back to camp by themselves.

At the spa, Keith examines Missy's ankle.

Keith eats spa food, showers, then gets rubbed.

Back at camp, Jon & Jaclyn discuss having to break up the alliance of 5 if Keith wins Immunity. Natalie is having a hard time at Exile, & she shares how much she's missing her sister Nadiya, who was voted out first.  She is greeted with a rice bowl when she rejoins Huyopa at the Immunity Challenge.  

Missy's hobbling in & Probst calls in medical.  Dr. Ben shows up & after an examination, recommends an X-Ray, which means pulling Missy from the game.

I took that LEGO pic during a commercial break, when I was still thinking about Dr. Ramona.  (Not Roberta, thank you to those who corrected me on twitter.  You would think being that close to the Survivor Drs name would be good enough but NO.)  I thought about remaking it with Dr. Ben, but discovered that the only doctor outfits I have in LEGO are women's, which made me happy, so Dr. Ramona is back, you guys!

Missy cries.  A lot.  Maybe more than my beloved Dawn.

Missy declines the X-Ray & says she's staying in the game but won't compete for Immunity.  The Immunity Challenge involves holding onto ropes & balancing themselves & a vase on a see-saw. Probst keeps calling them teeter-totters, but I'm sorry - when you're an adult, you say see-saw.  Natalie wins Immunity after a strong gust of wind knocks Jon's vase down.  But don't worry, he's still optimistic.

Aw, puddin'.  What a nice young man.  Jon & Jacyln are confident that Keith will be voted out, but Natalie is finally going to get her revenge for the Jeremy vote.  She, Keith, Missy, & Baylor will split the votes between Jon & Jaclyn in case an idol is played.  But Missy is hard to convince because she has a deal with Jon that she feels she can't break.

Time for Tribal Council & the jury & the face that inspired a million tweets.

Time to vote & votes are read & it's a three-way tie between Keith & Jon & Jaclyn.  Revote gets Jon voted out, because despite Missy's reluctance, only Natalie & Baylor's votes are needed.

Tonight is the finale, & I've been convinced to let Kai live-tweet it, so follow @SonofMomofKai for a 10 year old's perspective, & spelling errors.  He's really into emojis.

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