Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Survivor: San Juan del Mar - LEGO - Own It

Coyopa returns from Tribal Council after voting Nadiya out.  Josh immediately takes Baylor aside to explain his vote for her.

Baylor thinks it's sketchy, but recognizes it as "a game move".  My 10 year old son is confused.

"Wait - how is that a gay move?"

Over at Hunahpu, Reed stretches his leg above his head, so move over, Vytas.  There's a new flexible Survivor.

I hope producers at least considered taking inspiration from the 2:00 mark of this video for a Season 29 challenge.

Drew & Jon decide to work out before the challenge.

Kelley realizes her tribe has lost the flint, & Jon takes full responsibility & compares himself to J'Tia, who did a little more than accidentally lose a flint.

At the Reward Challenge/Exile Island Banishment thing - does this have an actual name yet?  Is it just a Reward Challenge & this is how it's going to be every week?  Because I thought that was just a first-episode thing, tbh.  Anyway, at the thing, Natalie sees that Nadiya has been voted out & Probst is on the hunt for tears.  And tears he gets, along with a confession/exaggeration?

Probst pumps in the Full House music before telling her the game moves on.  The Reward Challenge will have one person from each tribe balancing a ball on a disk while moving through obstacles.  First person to make it to the end & win Skee-ball brings back fishing equipment for their tribe.  Loser goes to Exile.

Rock Paper Scissors will determine who puts up their tribe member first, & Reed & John Rocker play.  Reed plays rock, the same move he won with at the last Reward Challenge, & Rocker plays Paper, winning.  Which makes me wonder if he usually wins with Paper because his name subconsciously urges others to play Rock.  Once again, a #PocketPitman would be handy in a situation like this, because he would surely have those stats.

Rocker volunteers himself & competes against Julie.  Probst loves this challenge.

Julie wins & Rocker is mad that he not only lost, but he lost to a girl.

Julie chooses Jeremy to go to Exile with Rocker, & they set off.  Hunahpu tries to barter a bag of beans for a new flint, & Probst enjoys it a little too much.  Pulls out a couch & urges Hunahpu to Just Say Yes to the only deal he's giving them today, which is a new flint for the entire reward they just won.  They eventually agree to take that deal, angering Probst that he won't get to raise the stakes to a new flint for Hunahpu's first-born Survivor Baby.

Over at Coyopa, everyone's starting to recognize Rocker.  Dale says "I'm not sure, but..." & goes on to list every offensive thing John Rocker has ever said or done.  He sounds pretty sure to me.  Now that we've been reminded of Rocker's racism again, we can cut to Exile Island, where he is currently vacationing with Jeremy.  Jeremy knows who Rocker is, and what he has said, yet seems willing to give him a chance.  "You can say stuff like that and it will follow you for the rest of your life.  You can change."  Jeremy is a much more forgiving human being than I.  I've forever cut ties with people for just joking about Kick a Ginger Day (seriously, how is that a thing?  What is wrong with people?).  Jeremy wants to work with Rocker to protect Val & Julie, but says "If [Val]'s voted out, Julie's gone right after."

Immunity Challenge time, which gives us a Vine by Kai:

It's the fight-until-someone-hits-the-water challenge, & Probst is practically drooling.  The first round is Kelley vs Jaclyn & it's almost a repeat of Caramoan.

Drew & Alec are up next & they just stand there singing Dishwalla & Collective Soul songs to each other while playing with their hair.  "And I walk up on high, and step to the edge, & see my world below."  "Tell me all your thoughts on God, because I'd really like to meet Her."  Collective Soul wins because after Counting Blue Cars, I don't know any other Dishwalla songs, & neither do you - I've discovered that the odds point to you having no idea what I'm referring to at all, but I don't care because I think it's funny.

More people fight & it's John vs Jon, & heads crash, & eventually Jon wins.

"Wow, if he was mad about a girl beating him..."

Missy takes on her daughter Baylor, who, like her Mom, says she's visualizing "One of the exes".  She splits her lip & cries & her Mom totally isn't in it anymore & basically dives.

Reed vs Josh is next & unfortunately, a dance-off doesn't happen.  But this does:

Reed wins.  Next up is Keith vs Dale.

Dale ties it up 4-4.  Jaclyn takes on Kelley again, & Dale can't look.  "It's her birthday today".  Kelley gets her birthday wish & wins Immunity for Hunahpu.  And now, for something I could watch over & over again:

Back at Coyopa, Rocker tells Val that he enjoyed spending time with Jeremy on Exile, but that he hasn't found an Idol from the clue Jeremy shared with him.  Val says she found one on Exile, & also found one back at camp.

Rocker follows the steps laid out in his clue & finds the idol, which should make it clear that Val was lying about finding one at camp.  But it doesn't seem to.  He tells Val as long as she plays one of her idols, she'll be safe.

At Tribal Council, Probst reminds Coyopa that they haven't won anything.  Josh says that's okay because we're in tech week & we're making changes & we haven't opened for really reallz yet, & when we do our show will be amazing & basically Coyopa will win all the Tonys & I LOVE JOSH.

Val continues her charade of having 2 idols, & tries to put the focus on Baylor, whom she says is playing both sides.  Baylor denies telling her to vote for Dale.

Shockingly, Val does not play one of her imaginary idols, & Rocker looks pissed.  Votes are tied between Val & Baylor.  On the next vote, which can only be for Val or Baylor, Rocker votes for Val, saying "I told you what would happen.  Now you're making me look like a liar to your husband."  Val is voted out, & I miss her already.

"Well, at least I know who Baylor is now."

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Lisa said...

Thanks for getting those Dishwalla & Collective Soul songs in my head lol

Unknown said...

The entire Rock Paper Scissors paragraph is brilliant!