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Survivor: Caramoan - LEGO Part Dos - 26.11,12

Back from vacation, I give you a super short (for me) double recap of the past 2 Survivor episodes.  Usually I only do 1 Lego recap per season, but the response to Hold Up, Bro seems to demand more Lego.  I thought maybe a handful of people would find this video amusing - it now has over 20,000 views on YouTube.  You can purchase Hold Up, Bro on iTunes for $0.99 & my brother & I thank you for the support, you crazy, crazy bastards.

Episode 11 begins with a bro down.  The Three Amibros successfully booted The Specialist, & everyone is pretty happy about that.

There is a food auction at which Malcolm buys himself beer & peanuts, & still manages to buy a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol.  Score!  Cochran buys an advantage at the next Immunity Challenge, Andrea trades her spaghetti for beans & rice for the tribe, & Eddie buys peanut butter that he has to share with everyone.

Letters from home are bought by everyone with enough money, & it gets emotional.

Malcolm goes hunting for the idol, but is blocked by Andrea.

Off to the Reward Challenge where Survivors will hold up a heavy log by a rope.  Moving down knots in the rope, the last one standing wins Immunity.  Cochran's advantage is moving up 2 knots at any point in the challenge.  He wisely uses it as early as he can & wins Immunity for the 2nd time.

At Tribal Council, without an idol of his own (or someone else's), Malcolm is voted out.

Back at camp, a tarsier overhears Reynold's eternal optimism.  "The game is not over.  At the end of the day, I'm still here.  I'm gonna keep fighting."

The next morning, however, the remaining Two Amibros share a moment of panic before heading to a surprise, early Immunity Challenge.

Survivors must balance on triangular platforms in the water, moving up small footholds.  It comes down to Andrea & Brenda, & after 3 hours, they agree on 1 final level of difficulty - they will stand on one foot.

Brenda falls & Andrea wins Immunity & a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol.  They really want this idol to be found, don't they?  Andrea shares the clue with everyone except Reynold & Eddie, & they collectively look for it.  Erik finds it, & Andrea grabs it from him with no consequence.

In my head, they sang Hold up Bro.

"Does he learn nothing?"

At Tribal Council, the newest jury member walks in &

Please.  Even I know when Lego just isn't enough.

Reynold is voted out, joining his bro at Pondebrosa.

Back at camp, Andrea suggests to Cochran that blindsiding Brenda or Dawn has to happen.  Cochran is wary of this as Andrea is making it clear that she wants to keep Eddie around.

Off to another Immunity Challenge, where Survivors will move a buoy through obstacles to a key.  The key unlocks a chest containing ladder rung puzzle pieces, & the first person to climb their ladder & raise a flag wins Immunity.  Erik wins.

Andrea orchestrates a Brenda blindside, but now that Cochran is aware of Andrea's attachment to the idea of a Final Three with Eddie, Cochran says hold up, bro.

At Tribal Council, this episode gives us the 2nd jaw-dropping-entrance-of-the-newest-jury-member.

Pornstache Reynold

Andrea does not play her idol, & when votes are revealed for her, she is shocked in the most adorable way.  Some would say she Swifted us.

What?!  YOU GUYS!

Andrea is voted out, becoming the first girl at Pondebrosa.

This leaves only One Amibro left in the game to celebrate a very sad Cinco de Mayo.

I've been slacking on the Ponderosa videos this season, so they are below for all of us outside of the US.  Those in the US can watch them as always at  These videos have everything you could possibly want.  Handsome bald men.  The Hair.  Questionable facial hair grooming.  Pretty girl.

Let me know your thoughts below in the comments, on twitter (@MomofKai) where I frequently post Lego pics, or on this blog's Facebook page.  I'm Lisa Ferreira on Vine, where the Survivor Musicals started, & new vignettes are coming soon.  I'll be in LA next weekend to bro down, so I'm off to pack my Lego.

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How appropriate that all of those Lego Amibros appear on Cinco de Mayo. Looking forward to your remaining recaps of this season!