Monday, September 30, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs Water - Imma Rub Some More - 27.2

Episode 2 begins with Marissa joining Candice & Rupert on Redemption Island, & being pissed-off commences.

It's quite the opposite the next morning at Galang, where the Age of Aras is not aligning with the dark side of Colton.

"The best is being the caboose because the gift is in the giving."

Everyone heads to the Redemption Island duel, where Galang learns that Marissa was voted out at the last Tribal Council.  Marissa tells Gervase, "You rubbed salt in their open wound. And that's why I'm here."

Gervase doesn't swap with Marissa, & the duel begins.  It's the final Immunity Challenge from One World, involving spools & springs & stacking.  Last one to finish is out of the game for really realz this time.  Probst adds yet another twist to this season: the first person to finish the duel gets a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol & can give it to any Survivor still in the game.

Rupert loses & is the first person voted out of Blood vs Water.

Candice wins the HII clue, & she gives it to her husband.

Probst actually hands it over, but this makes a much cuter image.  Also, why does Probst hand it over? We were robbed of another touching embrace & more of John's tears.  Booo.

Back at Tadhana, John is relieved that Candice dominated the challenge, & wants to keep her surrounded by weaker players so she'll stay in the game.  Leave it to Vytas to mess up his chakra. (Is that a thing that makes sense?  I feel like it may be.)

Vytas points out that a returning player is more likely to swap for a loved one, so they could focus on targeting the strongest players on Galang by taking out their loved ones on Tadhana.

At Galang, Colton is having another tantrum.  He just can't deal with the awfulness of, you know, people being nice & getting along.  Which seems strange, because Caleb seems pretty damn nice.  Colton can't wait to lose Immunity so they can go to Tribal Council & he can stir up chaos.

The rest of his tribemates aren't falling for his schtick.  Aras calls him "a gay Russell Hantz".  A new alliance is born: Aras, Gervase, Tyson, Monica & Tina.  They have no name, & when they put their hands in, they don't say anything on "3".  I like to think this happened in all of their heads, though:

Off to the Immunity Challenge, where 1 person on each tribe will be rolled in a barrel to pick up bags of balls to be used in a Skeeball challenge, which is all an excuse for Probst to say the one word he loves more than "Culpepper".

Galang wins Immunity & fishing supplies, & Tadhana is left to vote another member out.  The Five Guys want Rachel, in the hopes that Tyson will swap, & Galang will suffer.  John is not happy about this, as Tyson vs Candice at RI does not look good for Candice.  His hesitancy causes the girls, & also Vytas, to be suspicious, but they're not sure if he has the Idol or not.

It's all a non-issue, however, as Rachel is voted out & is off to RI.

Next week, look for Tyson to be all

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