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Survivor: Blood vs Water - All of the Babes - 27.3

A Tyson who doesn't yet know that Rachel has been voted out of Tadhana is a Tyson cracking jokes about his cupcake belt.

Nobody on Galang will talk strategy with Colton, which is not how Colton wants to play the game.  Asking Aras for reassurance that he's not in trouble doesn't net him anything solid.  Aras tells Colton to just relax & enjoy the view.  I'm not saying he didn't bring this on himself, but being told to wait when you're anxious about something - that is the worst.  Colton starts spinning out.

At the Redemption Island Duel, Tyson learns of Rachel's ousting & he acknowledges that it's a smart move.  Rachel tells Tyson to stay with his tribe, & Tyson calls Culpepper "Mr. Football", which is adorbz.  Culpepper answers that Tadhana has had to make difficult decisions that Galang hasn't, & then he starts throwing "babe" around like he's a Cody, & Marissa takes offense.

Colton starts crying, & says he doesn't want to be there anymore, & wants to quit.  Here is a taste of Probst's epic scolding:

"So Colton, you came back for a second time because you said, 'I've changed.  I've grown, & I want to show everybody.'  You're now doing the exact opposite."

"You're punishing them by costing them a tribe member in a game about numbers in which ultimately you may merge."

"What is it that has happened on your tribe that's forcing you to quit for what now I can confirm, for myself, is the second time?  The first time you feigned an appendicitis.  Turns out you didn't have it.  You wanna own that one now?"

"Lots of people like to watch adventure.  It doesn't necessarily mean they really should get up off the couch.  And I'm now convinced that Colton is the guy who never should have got up off the couch.  We brought a quitter back, & we got a quit again."

Colton finally runs over to Caleb, sits on his lap & says goodbye before leaving while Caleb calls "Love you, babe."  While Tina suggested that Colton quit because nobody was playing his game, Colton has a different story.  Whatever the truth, it's clear, as my son noted, that Caleb must see a nicer side of Colton to love him so much.

As Colton left One World with an Immunity Idol, he left Blood vs Water with his buff.  Probst: "I won't give you the honour of throwing that in the urn - we'll keep that reserved for people who compete."

The Redemption Island duel is dominos & Candice again easily wins first place, & gives a second Hidden Immunity Idol clue to John.  The duel is down to Rachel & Marissa now, & I feel bad for Rachel, because if my high school dating life taught me anything, it's that black people know their dominoes.  Marissa wins, & Rachel is out of the game, prompting Tyson to jump down & embrace her.

Tyson continues being awesome back at camp, where he tearfully says, "When she lost & I got to hug her & ask her if she had fun, & she said she did...& for me that was enough.  Because it is a game, you know?  Too many people take it too seriously & it shouldn't be.  And it ruins their lives & it makes them angry, & a good example of that is Colton."

Off to the Immunity Challenge, which pairs Survivors in Sumo-like battles.  I was hoping we'd see this:

We saw Kat take down Ciera in roughly the same manner, & later, Aras vs Vytas, where Vytas employed a cheap shot.  But at least he didn't pull out a shiv he had fashioned out of a branch.

Galang wins again & Tadhana is faced with yet another Tribal Council & they have the same conversation - "Which girl do we get rid of now?"

Culpepper has other thoughts though - right now, he's running the tribe & John is his right-hand guy.  But if Candice gets back in the game, he'll lose John to her.

Forgetting that Hayden & Vytas also have allies that would come before him as well (you know, the same way he has Monica), & also that their partners aren't already at Redemption Island, Culpepper plots to vote out his best bro.

At Tribal Council,  the fact that everyone knows John has 2 Idol clues comes up.  It's not boding well for this half of the Babes, & he is voted out.  Meaning next week on Survivor, the Redemption Island duel will be Marissa vs

But for now, RI is

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