Monday, October 28, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs Water - The Golden Ruler - 27.6

After voting Laura M out at the last Tribal Council, Tyson & Gervase set their sights on "King Aras".

The Golden Ruler

Thinking that the merge is coming soon, they don't want him reuniting with Vytas to vote the 2 of them out.  Tyson is as torn up about this as Tyson gets.  "I really do like Aras, he's a great guy, he's funny - he's a little out there on his, uh, zen-type beliefs, because I just have zero beliefs."  Except for one.

At the Redemption Island Duel, Laura M won't let Ciera swap with her, as she's pretty sure she can handle the challenge.  OH, REALLY?  Well, how will you feel after the details have been revealed?  Now that you know that you have numbered tiles in the correct order....okay, I guess you're still confident.  Who wouldn't be?

Laura M can count to 100, so she finishes first.  John can also count to 100, so he finishes second.  Culpepper leaves for really reallz, after a dramatic speech where he tells Monica, "I came on here as a shield.  Through my fault, or no fault of my own, I probably became an anchor.  You're free.  The wind is blowing.  Sail.  Sail hard."

Knowing the episode was titled "One Man Wrecking Ball", but not knowing who it referred to before the episode aired, I thought about what would make me laugh the hardest, & asked @AriFerarri to make it happen.  Ari follows through, & even though I now know the title refers to Tyson, I WOULDN'T CHANGE THIS FOR ANYTHING.

Laura M chooses to give the Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Vytas, who walks down & throws it in the fire.  Probst then announces they're gonna "switch things up" with a tribe swap.  Everyone picks a random buff, & the results are about as uneven as they possibly could be.

New Galang
New Tadhana

At the new Tadhana, Ciera, Caleb, & Hayden are dismayed that their new tribemates are eating all their food.  If Kat had switched tribes, Hayden's feelings on the matter may have been different.

At Galang, Kat is frustrated with Monica's constant strategy talk.

Back at Tadhana, Tyson is deftly ensuring that Aras is seen as the biggest threat.  "I need to make sure people know that between him & I, he's the one in charge."

At Galang, Vytas is trying to bond with the ladies.  He really doesn't have to do much, though - he shares his troubled past & does some shirtless yoga, oblivious to its effect (...okay...) & the ladies love him.

Off to the Immunity Challenge, which involves swimming, diving, & releasing 3 fish traps containing pieces to be used to solve a puzzle.  First tribe to finish wins Immunity & a picnic with all the fixin's.   Tina & Laura B forget to bring the first fish trap back, giving Tadhana a huge lead.  Tadhana slows down at the puzzle stage, giving Galang a chance to catch up.  Galang incorrectly thinks they've won not once, but twice, & stand around looking stunned as Tadhana wins.

Back at Galang, Tina apologizes for forgetting the fish trap.  Luckily for her, the women want to take out Vytas as it seems clear he would abandon them post-merge.  Kat tells Tina that she would rather vote out Monica, which gets back to Monica.  Monica confronts Kat & gives her the MOM STARE: narrowed eyes & judgmental nodding, just waiting for Kat to break.  Monica believes in the Golden Rule, but has come to realize that Survivor has its own Golden Rule.

At Tribal Council, Kat seems flustered trying to convince her tribe to keep her.  Vytas, on the other hand, is calm & rational & somehow convinces the tribe that even though he has allegiances with both the old Tadhana, & his brother Aras, he would be loyal to them post-merge.  We see Vytas voting for Kat, & he throws a dig her way referencing the first episode of Survivor: One World.  "I hope you enjoy the ambiance at Redemption Island."

Kat is voted out & heads to Redemption Island where she is worried that Hayden will be disappointed in her. "From a scale of 1-10 on coolness, I just got a negative 2."

This is like the inverse of when people on The Bachelor say "If we can just climb this bridge, there's nothing we can't do together."  Do you think Hat's love can survive this devastating blow?  Comment below, on twitter (@MomofKai) or on this blog's Facebook page!

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