Sunday, November 03, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs Water - Prayer, Bro - 27.7

After being voted out, Kat makes her way to Redemption Island, proud of herself for not crying.  At least, not too much.   The next morning is a different story, however.

Off to the Redemption Island Duel, & it's a repeat of the final Immunity Challenge puzzle in Caramoan.  You know, this one:

Kat would like Hayden to switch with her, but he's like,

I think I cried every single time Kat cried in this episode (I am hyper-emotional, & also love a good Survivor romance), while my 9 year old rolled his eyes & said things like:
"OMG, so dramatic."
"Now he's crying, too?"
"Are they going to finish talking about this before Tribal Council?"

Babe rocks yet another challenge & finishes first (& gives the clue to Monica, who again burns it), followed by Laura M finishing second.  Kat tearfully leaves for really reallz, still afraid she's disappointed Hayden.

Here is where I say that Day 17 is probably my favourite day out of all 39 days of Survivor.  For it is the day all the beards are like "Hey, there.  I've been growing for 17 days.  Look at me."  Look at you, indeed.

I mean...I promise not to complain about bikini girls in Survivor casts as long as beardly men remain in the mix.

Back at Tadhana, Hayden is agonizing over not swapping for Kat, much to my son's chagrin. "Seriously? More on this?"  Aras is meditating & visualizing re-connecting with Vytas & winning the game.  Meanwhile, Tyson is solidifying a Final Five with Gervase, Caleb, Hayden & Ciera.

At Galang, Tina notices that Vytas & Katie are getting along nicely, & voices every Mother's dream for their daughters.

The women of Galang are falling for Vytas. "In my experience, women love a bad boy.  But what they even like more than a bad boy is a newly reformed bad boy."



Unbeknownst to our NRBB, his tribe is still resigned to voting him out should they end up at Tribal Council again.

Off to the Immunity Challenge, which involves tribes chained together at the ankles, an obstacle course, & finally a bolo toss.  First tribe to finish wins Immunity & fried chicken.  Tadhana wins, & races across the beach to get to their feast where my second favourite Survivor quote containing the word "bro" is spoken.

Tyson ain't got time for that, though.

At Galang, Laura B decides to tell Vytas he's going home.  The rest of the tribe looks stunned & tight-lipped & that monumental fuck-up pretty much sealed the fact that Laura's going home & yes that's what happened & there's not even much of a point to make this any longer than it has to be, so we'll end it right there.

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LOVE your blog. Long time survivor fan and I can't believe I'm just discovering your witty recap and awesome lego interpretation.