Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs Water - The Farmer - 27.4

After a blindside orchestrated by his best bro, John greets his wife & Marissa at Redemption Redonkadonk Island.

At Tadhana, Culpepper is explaining his move: he wants to get rid of those without loved ones still in the game. He's assuming that come the merge, the loved ones of his allies will join with him.  That's a) assuming an awful lot, & b) completely contradictory to why he said he wanted to get rid of John originally - if Candice gets back in the game, John's loyalty will be to her, & not him.

At the Redemption Island duel, Candice enters giving Culpepper the finger, & accusing him of shushing the women on his tribe.  Culpepper responds by talking over Candice to her husband.

The Duel culminates in a puzzle in which John pulls ahead & finishes first.  Probst comments:

Candice finishes next, meaning Marissa leaves Survivor for really realz, after being voted out to spite Gervase. That is harsher than anything Tia & Tamera had to deal with on Sister, Sister.

Probst asks John who he wants to give the Immunity Idol clue to, & Candice suggests Monica, as the clue may make her a target.  Probst immediately jumps on Candice, asking John if she always tells him what to do.  John gives it to Monica, & Culpepper repeats "Walk it down & throw it in the fire.", which she does.  Now is a good time for you to read this.

Back at Tadhana, Cullpepper's allies would like to keep him around until the merge, so he'll be a bigger target. Hayden says, "But we also gotta make sure we don't get John'd."

Then we're treated to a shot of Culpepper that couldn't be more perfect:

At Galang, Tyson & Gervase have bonded over crime.

The Immunity Challenge involves rowing, diving, untying, stacking & puzzle-solving.  Despite still having an injured shoulder from the last Immunity Challenge, Tyson is not one of the 2 Galang members who sit out.

Galang continues to have trouble rowing, but it's not quite as dramatic as before:

Both tribes start the puzzle at roughly the same time, & again, Galang wins Immunity.  Hayden is bummed.

Culpepper is wanting Caleb gone, because without Colton, Caleb is the perfect extra ally he & Monica could use post-merge - someone he's already aligned with, who has no stronger ties...wait, what?  Oh right, this makes NO SENSE.  Culpepper tells Ciera & Katie to vote for Caleb.

Culpepper then changes his mind & sides with the rest of his alliance, who want Ciera gone.  At Tribal Council, Culpepper admits that voting out a loner in the game is appealing, because maybe nobody from Galang would yell "Fuck you, Brad Culpepper" for once at a Redemption Island duel.  Maybe.

Caleb comments that he loves a blindside, but doesn't want to be the butt of one.

Caleb lays it out: "I'm gonna write Brad's name down."  Time to vote, & it is tied between Brad & Ciera.  On the re-vote, Hayden is either struggling with whether or not to change his vote, or how to spell Ciera.

Vytas changes his vote, & Culpepper leaves to join the Babes at Redemption Island.

So, Caleb orchestrated a last-minute blindside at Tribal Council, right in front of his target, & in case you forgot he's a farmer, HE IS A FARMER.

"I was fine being the goat."
"That's where it should have ended instead of me feeling like the calf being led to slaughter."
"You mess with the bull, you get the horns."

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