Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs Water - Hammocks & Hoodies - 27.5

Tadhana is reeling from a Tribal Council that saw a bold move from Caleb lead to a tied vote, with Culpepper ultimately being voted out.  Meanwhile, at Redemption Island...

At Galang, Laura M gives Aras a massage that's a bit on the uncomfy side...but it's nothing compared to last season's uncomfy massage.

At the Redemption Island duel, Monica tearfully asks Culpepper if she can take his place.  She is shushed, like, immediately...but I guess this time the intent is sweet.

The RID involves collecting puzzle pieces to form a bridge, crossing that bridge, & then disassembling the pieces to use in a puzzle.  John finishes first, & Culpepper finishes second, meaning Candice leaves for really realz.

Earlier, Probst had called Candice out for having the most to say about Culpepper despite not having played a single day in the game.  I recently had a twitter conversation with someone who called Candice a "bitch" because...well, I still don't really understand the reasoning, other than Candice being a strong woman who spoke her mind & played the game as hard as she could from Redemption Island & people like that are the worst, I guess.  Clearly, I am

Once again, John gives the Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Monica, & once again, Culpepper tells her to throw it in the fire, which she does.  Back at Galang, Monica is trying to be optimistic, though shaken by Brad's situation.  "We're the same person - if one of us is here, we're both here."

Meanwhile, at Tadhana...

And also...

And also this:

Off to the Immunity Challenge, which involves slides & a ring toss to win Immunity & a steak dinner with all the fixin's.  It comes down to Gervase vs Hayden, & Hayden wins the first Immunity Challenge for Tadhana.

At the Galang camp, Laura B is nervous, & nervously tries to stir up drama by nervously telling Kat the other girls were being catty to her. *nervous laughter*

Kat knew Laura was just scrambling - you can't fool Kat when she's like

Everyone wants to vote Laura B out because she's not a returning player, they're annoyed by her & she makes people uncomfy.  But Aras wants to go another way.

Aras snuggles with a french-braided Tyson on a hammock where they decide Laura M should go next.

At Tribal Council, Gervase & Tina discuss how much the game has changed since Seasons 1 & 2.  Probst places a hand on his hip like he's about to sashay down a staircase, & he bluntly asks Laura B: "You were voted out seconds into the game, you're now on a tribe with people who've played before - you've never played.  Do you belong out here?"  *nervous laughter*  Probst then does a Rupert impression, & it's impecable.

Laura M is voted out, & the drama is almost too much for Kat to bear, as she pulls her hoodie strings tightly across her face.

The only question I'm left with is: What's the cutest thing about this season - Kat's hoodie-pull or ARSON?  Comment below, on twitter (@MomofKai) or on this blog's Facebook page!

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