Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snapchat Harry Potter FanFic

Snapchat can be a lot of fun, & I have quite a few friends who are really, REALLY good at it.

They're great at being hilariously random, like this Snapchat from @AriFerarri:

I'm still not sure if it's Ari's portrayal of Ryan Gosling as Spiderman, or more of a What if Peter Parker had Snapchat?  Either way, LOVE.  I just hope he didn't send this to both Mary Jane AND Gwen, but I guess we'll never know until Snapchat gives us the ability to see how many people a Snapchat was sent to.  ARE YOU LISTENING, SNAPCHAT?

My friends are great at using the drawing tools to maximum effect, like this work of art from @JessicaNFrey, who turned herself into me:

That motivational Snapchat is what got me to the top of that damn mountain.

And lets be real - my friends are amazing at being sexxxy (you don't get to see those Snapchats).

In the past, I've used Snapchat to surprise my friends:

Hold Up, Bro, that's my sushi! NBD, just having a Bro Down with Survivor's Cochran.

I've heard that some people also use Snapchat to share inappropriate scenarios they've created involving LEGO minifigs of themselves & people they know.  So I've heard.

But as far as I'm concerned, Miss Haley Strong just won Snapchat with her Harry Potter FanFic.  She created this masterpiece using Snapchat's "My Story" feature.  I AM SO GLAD SHE FOUND A USE FOR THIS FEATURE.

Here is the beginning chapter of this FanFic:

I highly recommend reading the rest of this epic tale on Haley's blog.  It continues on with the story we all know & love, & then they set off on adventures.  It's really awesome, & you do *not* want to miss the Hippogriff.  Or the "About the Author" section.  

You're a wizard, Haley.

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