Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Survivor: Cagayan - Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty: Sad Skeletor

Now that my show is over & life has returned to as next to normal as I can get it, Kai & I are back for these last 2 episodes of Survivor.  This Wednesday during the finale, I will be live-tweeting with Kai, & also attempting to LEGO meme live-tweet the live-tweeters.  It's all very ambitious.  I dream big.

While I was away from recapping, Survivor got sexy:

Kai had some interesting thoughts:

and after Spencer called children "little monsters", he quickly dropped from Kai's #1 spot.

Kai's comments in this recap are in red, as always.  Before watching this episode with him, I told him he was going to like it.

"Why?  Do they talk about lambos?"

...close, Kai.  Close.

With Tasha freshly voted out, Spencer is left without any allies, & puts all his hope on his belief that he's "playing [Survivor] with people who understand it so little."  Kass states that she'd like to go to the end with Tony because he's annoyed so many people.

"Well, he is a cop.  He does have to be obnoxious sometimes."

The Reward Challenge involves rolling around in mud, & then filling a bucket with that mud, to win pizza with all the fixin's delivered right to camp.  Tony wins, despite having no hair to help transport the mud.

Probst says "Everybody knows pizza delivered to home for one is kind of pathetic" & I'll BRB after I cancel my order.  Tony chooses Trish to join him in his reward.

As they enjoy, Tony asks, "How do you beat a helicopter delivering your pizza?"

Thank you for not questioning this strange request, @AriFerarri.

And just for @ChannonSarah...

Tony tells Kass he knows she was going to blindside him, thanks to Woo, but he wants to go to the end with her anyway.  Kass decides that if she's going to sit next to Tony at the end, she needs to stir up trouble & make him as unlikeable as possible.

Kai is still stuck on the @peppermintfatty hashtag he read over my shoulder last week.

"I like #Kasshole better."

Kass tells Woo that Tony told her what he said to Tony & Tony blows up at her & takes back his Final 3 deal with her.  Tony then talks llama & I've never been more bummed that I just don't have the time to make a LEGO llama for this recap, so just look at this one:

More info here.

Kass & Spencer try to pull Woo in again.  Spencer asks Woo if he has any thoughts.

While Woo thinks out loud, we see Tony getting some water.

"What's he drinking out of?  A golf club?"

Kass suggests taking out Trish, so Tony loses one of his options for a goat.  Trish overhears, & is not happy.

The Immunity Challenge consists of unbraiding rope, unlocking rungs, building ladders, and a slide puzzle. Without balls or poles involved in any way, can Probst get an innuendo in there?  Yes, he can.  Probst takes the opportunity to bring #SEXYSURVIVOR back during the ladder-building portion.

Tony is the first to get to the slide puzzle, but has great difficulty.  Spencer catches up.

Spencer wins Immunity.  Kai is unimpressed.


As soon as they get back to camp, Trish lays into Kass.

Trish says "You turn around with that big, ugly, shit-eating grin on your face..."  Of course, "shit" is bleeped out, & for the next 2 minutes, it's:

"What was that word, Mom?  "What"-eating face?  You can tell me.  I like finding out new things to say.  Like Kasshole.  But I won't say this one.  So what was it?  The B word?  The F word?  Tell me."

Kass later says, "She looked like frickin' Skeletor, with her big blue eyes popping out, & her skeleton finger waving in my face."

Everyone wants Woo to make a decision, & as much as I really like Woo, he's not very good at that.
It's a lot of "What do I do?" before Tribal Council.

At Tribal, Kass says "Trish railed into me like a frickin' wild skeleton blue-eyed banshee", & I really, really hope Trish sends Kass this for her birthday:

Probsts asks Kass to repeat that, & Kass says she doesn't know what she just said, & my twitter feed is glorious for a moment, thanks to these beautiful people whom you most definitely should be following:

Tony plays his Hidden Immunity Idol, & puts his Special Idol around his neck, lying that he'll use it next week, even though it's void after this Tribal Council.  Probst never calls him out on it.  So not only does Tony not give Trish one of his idols, he votes for her along with everyone else.  Trish is voted out.

The finale is this Wednesday, which seems totally weird.  I asked Kai who he'd like to see win, & he said:

"Survivor is like hockey - I'm on my second picks for both.  Because Boston is gone now & Spencer just sucks now.  So go Chicago & go Woo."

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