Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Survivor: Cagayan - Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty - Walking Dead

The Solana Tribe returns to camp after voting Cliff out, & I have a confession to make.  Up until @truedorktimes made me aware of my error, I had thought the name of this tribe was actually Salani, & I just thought it weird that they used the same tribe name in One World.  You all know this misunderstanding could have been avoided if I'd had my very own #PocketPitman.  Also if I had paid closer attention, but it's not like Probst ever said anything but Brawn, Brains, or Beauty before last week, either.

No, YOU stop trying to make #PocketPitman happen.

Trish attempts to explain, but Lindsey wants none of it.  She is disgusted by Trish & tells her so. 

Trish tells Lindsay to ask her if she cares.  

Turns out Kai has never heard that one before.  "Whoa - That's a good one."  Look for it in the grade 4 classroom later this week.

Lindsey summons Probst & then quits.  QUITS.  Because she can't handle Trish??  I am super bummed that I wasted such an excellent LEGO minifig on a quitter.  SUPER BUMMED.

"But what about when her daughter watches this? Watching your Mom walk away from $1 million can't be better."

The tribe is pretty calm when they find out, & once again, I'm impressed with Woo's ability to just go with whatever is happening, with whomever is closest to him.

Aparri is overjoyed at the other tribe's loss.

"I didn't have to do anything either.  I'm just like Spencer!"

The Reward Challenge is the Knock-the-other-guy's-idol-down challenge, & it gets physical.

"Oh, right in the tit."
"What? La tĂȘte - it's 'head' in French...?"

Solana wins the Reward of going back to Aparri's camp & raiding it.  While there, Tony & Woo give a useless Immunity Idol clue to Jeremiah, hoping to put a target on him.

Back at their camp, Tony can't wait to tell his tribe-mates about his sting operation.  He's so excited, in fact, that he tells them he's really a cop & pledges his allegiance to them forever & ever.  He hasn't even built a #SpyShack at Solana, so you can tell he means it for really reallz.

Aparri is suspicious of Jeremiah, and his insistence that it was an old clue just makes him seem more shifty.  

Off to the Immunity Challenge, which is a huge obstacle course, followed by a puzzle that will give a combination.

"Challenges are my favourite colour."

"I would love to do this challenge, but they wouldn't let me because of the machete.  But I would say 'Why can't kids use machetes'?"

Solana wins again, & Tony, who just lurves his new tribe, yells "Top Five!  Top Five!" which lets Sarah over on Aparri know that Cops R Us is busted.

On the surface, Aparri is all Whatevs, after tonight we'll still have more numbers than you, but inside, they're all:

Kass reflects on the change in position for The Brains.  "It does seem that The Brains are kind of in control....Everyone's kind of gonna follow our lead...We just needed people to boss around.  The brain needed a body.  We found our zombies - now we're in."

(I can't not use "Brains needing a body" to throw in a plug for Young Frankenstein.  If you're in the Toronto area, it's going to be a really, really fun show.  Come see me as Inga!  Buy your tickets here!)

At Tribal, loyalty is much discussed, as is often the case right after a tribe swap.  Suspicion over Jeremiah rises, and Alexis' name is thrown around, too.  She seems completely bewildered & wide-eyed.

Alexis is voted out, presumably because she was pushing too hard to get Jeremiah out.  She can barely look at Probst as he snuffs her torch.  She cries throughout her entire walk out & last confessional, like a rejected Bachelor contestant leaving in a limo.

"Well, she didn't even know the difference between chickens making eggs, and chickens making chickens.  I mean...really."

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Charles said...

Very nice as usual! I like your sons comments. He speaks french? Ha! Lindsay really disappointed me. She must have really hated Trish. I saw mrs. White in my head. "I hated her so much..flames, flames on the side of my face..heaving breaths" and so on.