Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Survivor: Cagayan - Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty: Rolling Logjam

After voting J'Tia out, the 3 remaining Brains return to camp.

Upon hearing this (& upon being Canadian), Kai & I looked at each other & launched into...

Spencer envisions that this could be the Final 3.  "The only thing between us & that is 2 entire tribes."

Off to a Reward Challenge & Probst tells everyone to drop their buffs.  The Brains move to Aparri with Jeremiah, Alexis, Morgan and Sarah.  Sarah is the only Brawn not on Salani, which also has Jefra and LJ.

The reward is something Dawn warned us about in Caramoan.

The Challenge is a pull-the-other-guy-off-a-pole challenge, & the tribe that's mostly Brawns wins.

While enjoying their reward, LJ & Trish bond over being from Massachusetts.  Lindsay continues to be annoyed by Trish, as is Cliff.

"There are no alliances in the NBA.  I don't think."

Over at Aparri, Alexis tells all of Beauty's secrets to the Brains.  I like to think that at some point, she asked them:

As soon as she leaves, Morgan does the same thing, and then Jeremiah does, too.  Beauty fades, you guys.

At Salani, Trish tells Jefra that she's not aligned with Lindsay.  Jefra is happy to learn this info, but says "I'm not gonna count my chickens before they're hatched", but that may be because chickens are still very confusing.

The Immunity Challenge involves a battering ram that's also a puzzle.  Aparri wins, despite most of the physical strength being on Salani.

Salani is looking to vote LJ out first.  Yeah, he's strong, but so is the rest of the tribe, and now that he has a bond with Trish, it makes sense.

Trish, on the other hand, would like to keep LJ and all that sex appeal he speaks of, & approaches Tony to instead vote for Cliff with them.  This leads to Tony feeling Cliff out, which leads to the greatest camera angle ever.

Tony ultimately sides with Trish, LJ, & Jefra, & Cliff is voted out of the game.

"Who's the guy who was in prison?"
"Yeah.  I miss him."

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