Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Survivor: Cagayan - Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty - J'Pee-a

Beauty returns to camp after voting out their pretty vegetarian butterfly, Brice.  Morgan calls out Jeremiah for flipping on his other alliance.

Jeremiah responds in that voice *shudder*.

The next morning, the Brains read Tree Mail, which makes it clear that blindfolds will be a part of a Reward Challenge.  So they do what Brains are wont to do.  They practice again.

The challenge itself bruises everyone, with Probst delighting in every injury.

My son Kai's comments will be peppered throughout the blogs this season in a red font, & he took offense to Probst's "Lindsay takes one right in the...stomach!" comment.

"Um, not really."

Even a 9 year old knows that's not her stomach.

LJ takes the worst of the crotch-shots, several times.


LJ keeps right on going, though, & Beauty wins the reward of 3 chickens & a rooster.  J'Tia is absolutely useless in this challenge, despite her only job being placing items on a platform & hoisting, & single-handedly loses the reward of a dozen eggs for the Brains.

"More like J'Pee-a."

Poor Tasha noticeably grimaces & turns her head when after a pathetic performance, J'Tia says:

Kai was particularly entranced by Spencer's reaction to their loss.  So much so that he had to recreate it, much like he's been recreating other scenes from this season at every opportunity, like Garrett's J'Tia-Vote-Face, & Tony's impersonation of his tribe-mates' fabricated cries of But I like Sarah!

The Beauty tribe wins the chickens & they do not know what to do with them.  Or what the chickens do.   Or how the chickens do whatever it is that they do.  Or what they have to do to facilitate the chickens doing what they do, whatever that may be.  Alexis seems to be the most confused.  "Does, like, the rooster have to get it on with one of the hens to make eggs?"  No.  "So the eggs just keep happening?"

Convinced that everyone else is just pretending to understand the difference between unfertilized & fertilized eggs, Alexis asks "So are they, like, asexual?  What makes them make eggs?"

Jefra answers.

LJ puts this amazing discussion to rest.

At the Brawns' camp, Sarah plots to throw the Immunity Challenge to get Cliff out.  Unfortunately for her, the Immunity Challenge involves throwing balls into hoops.  So...yeah.

This was a very frustrating challenge to watch, mostly because Probst insisted on calling the balls buoys, & Buoys Buoys Buoys is just not as much fun as

Beauty finishes first.  The Brawns try their hardest to lose, but they don't have J'Tia on their team.  Spencer is jumping up & down in frustration as he is super close to actually winning a basketball playoff with a former NBA player, but J'Tia can neither dive down to release the buoys/balls, swim to retrieve them, or throw them to Spencer.  J'Tia is basically as useful as I would be on Survivor (except I would never be wasteful with carbs).  The Brains come in last, once again.

"Well, maybe they should have PRACTICED for this challenge."

Back at camp, J'Tia plays up her loyalty, & Spencer plays up his physicality.  This continues until Tribal Council, and throughout Tribal Council, where Probst notes that Tasha & Kass are making their decision right there, while Spencer & J'Tia are debating back & forth.

They make the right decision, and keep Spencer, but sadly, Kass never yells out her Episode 1 comment:

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Winston Lee said...

Absolutely love the vine you posted. I hope Spencer can stay in the game for a while.