Monday, March 10, 2014

Survivor: Cagayan - Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty - Dot Dot Dot Hmmm

The Brains return to camp after voting out Garrett.  Spencer is resigned to his bottom spot in the tribe, and Tasha reveals that if Garrett hadn't gone and forbade private conversations, J'Tia would have went home. Such a Garrett thing to do.  In the end, Kass chose to keep J'Tia because you can replace rice, &:

The girls decide Spencer will be the next Brain to go, & Kass says "I hope you guys don't turn on me for Spencer", which prompts Tasha to go Kat on us.

Over at the Brawn camp...

This season, Kai's thoughts will be peppered throughout my blog in red writing:
(Repeats) "I knew you were a beepin' cop!  Awesome." 

Tony comes up with the super original Alliance name Cops R Us.

Between this & the rice-dumping, Caramoan must have been fresh in everyone's minds.

There are 10 minutes of a bad weather montage, but being well into the 5th month of winter here, I am not sympathetic to rain.  Tony says "This is what I envision Hell to be like."

"What I envision Hell to be like is The Nether in Minecraft."

Woo's energy is infectious.  He somehow gets pumped up by the bad weather.  Woo woos.

The Beauties cannot deal with shriveled fingers.  They look like normies and they do not like that.  LJ decides to look for an idol in the area Morgan emerged from when they arrived at camp on Day One.  He finds it, & congratulates himself on his hard work.

The Brains read the Tree Mail, & learn that the next challenge will involve passing water from bucket to bucket.  Tasha wants to practice, & before long...

"I've done this challenge at school."
"Don't lie, Kai.  This is not the Internet, nor is it Survivor."
"...Are you throwing my own quote back at me?"

Despite all their practicing, the Brains end up sucking so badly at this portion of the challenge that it's comical.  They manage to catch up in the vertical maze portion, and narrowly avoid another Tribal Council by finishing before the Beauties.

Alliances are tested in the Beauties & Jefra does not understand the concept of strategy at all.  Alexis explains that they'll split the vote between Morgan & Brice, & if it's a 3-way tie & neither plays an idol, they'll all vote for Brice.  That's exactly what ends up happening, so it's not a bad thing that I've had no time this week to write this recap because not much happened.  At all.

There was this gem from Tribal council: Probst asks Morgan if the tribe embodies any of the cliches associated with beauty.

I am very sad to see Brice go though, because I really liked him, & the talk of the town is that his LEGO minifig is my favourite from the whole season.

"They haven't done a Redemption Island duel yet."
"There is no Redemption Island this season."
"...So Brice is GONE gone?"

We will miss you & your purple pants & your vest & your mastery of eye-rolling & your Dawson-like ability to stare down Probst while he snuffs your torch.

Share your thoughts below in the comments, on twitter (@MomofKai) or on this blog's Facebook page!  May we all join Brice in the butterfly stages of our lives - flying around, looking pretty, eating plants.


Brooks MacLachlan said...

Glad I'm not the only one who got Dawson vibes when Brice's torch was being snuffed! LOL

@zach622 said...

Of course Caramoan is fresh in people's minds. The season was filmed before Blood vs. Water aired, so FvF2 was the last thing these people saw.