Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Survivor: San Juan del Sur - LEGO - Bro Down. WE HAVE A BRO DOWN.

Coyopa returns to camp after writing John Rocker's name down.  Paper really does cover rock.

Dale is concerned that he didn't see this coming, & vows to amp up his social game.  Otherwise,

Over at Hunahpu, Natalie finds the flint that Jon lost.  Drew is aggravated that they traded fishing gear for a new flint at the last Reward Challenge.

Drew decides he's going to try to trade the flint for fishing gear from Probst.  Basically, he decides:

At the Reward Challenge/Exile Banishment, Drew is *not* ready to get to their next Reward Challenge.  He suggests a trade with Probst.

The Reward Challenge involves a grappling hook, 3 bags of balls, & a catapult to launch the balls into 5 baskets.  First person to land all 5 balls wins a choice of comfort items or campfire food.  Jon competes against Jaclyn, & beats her.  He chooses Drew to go to Exile Island with her, & Hunahpu chooses comfort as their reward.

At Exile, Drew can appreciate that Jaclyn is attractive, but Jon need not worry.

Drew's really out there to strategize and manipulate minds.  Yes.  He tells Jaclyn that he's going to throw the Immunity Challenge because there are snakes on his tribe that have to go.

Back at Hunahpu, alongside A LOT OF SNAKE FOOTAGE, Keith looksssss for the idol that hisssss Exsssssile Island clue wassss for.  He can't find it & assssssumesssss that Jeremy mussssst have it.  He tellsssss everyone elsssssse to keep that in mind.  Reed tellssss Jeremy what Keith ssssssaid.

Keith goes back for one more look, finds the idol, & decides he'll keep it to himself.

Over at Coyopa, Baylor takes the Tree Mail to read it & Alec accuses her of snatching it.

Ugh, not a woman.  They're the worst type of human.

Drew projects his feelings of inadequacy onto Baylor & they have a twisted Boone/Shannon relationship & it's kind of weird.

Time for the Immunity Challenge & Kai's mind is blown.

"Jeff is wearing a black shirt!  We have to change the minifigure!"

The Immunity Challenge is a race through water & obstacles to retrieve 3 rings, which must then be hooked onto a post.  Drew throws the challenge, & Coyopa wins their first Immunity.  Probst asks "Who wants it?" & nobody does because it's fucking creepy.

Over the weekend, Kai & I went to a really terrible wax museum in Niagara Falls with Haley Strong.  We went strictly because it looked horrible.  Boy, were we right.  Anyway, while we were there, we saw the Immunity Idol.

Drew says, "If I don't want to win, we're not going to win. And that's what makes me the Kingpin of my tribe."

Back at camp, Drew apologizes to his tribe.  Usually I'm the best thrower.  Uh, of rings, of course.  And balls, yes, also balls.  Not challenges, that's crazy why would you even say that is that a Howler monkey come here buddy hey guys watch this I bet I can get him to sit on my shoulder what were we talking about again?

Drew decides that Kelley is the biggest threat on Hunahpu because "she has not missed one episode of Survivor."  Imagine that?  Someone watching the show they're competing on? AND she's a woman?  Gross, get her out.  Drew continues his asinine behaviour all the way up to Tribal Council.

At Tribal, Jeremy confronts Keith about his lie.  Keith doesn't seem to understand that they could have been a tight alliance of 2 within their larger alliance.

Everyone is confused, & 4 different names are written down.  Drew is voted out.

"If Jeff ever says 'The tribe has spoken' to me, I'll say: 'Yes they have, Jeff.  Yes they have.'"

Drew can't blame his tribe, really, what with him being a physical powerhouse, strategic mastermind, AND he's kind of known in some parts of Europe for his modeling?  I mean, yeah, get that threat out of there.

You probably noticed that Kai didn't have a lot to say this episode.  Honestly, he mostly just sat beside me, shaking his head.

I will try to live-tweet as much as possible, but I won't be recapping the next few episodes of Survivor, as I'll be on a work trip this weekend, & after that I'll be in Hell Week & the 2-week run of a production of Cabaret, in which I'm playing prostitute Fräulein Kost.  If you're in the Toronto area, come see (a lot of) me!  Tickets at

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