Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Survivor: San Juan del Sur - LEGO - Grow Some Balls

Coyopa returns to camp from Tribal Council, where Val has just been voted out.  Baylor is shaken from an almost-blindside, & Rocker is wondering who flipped.

Rocker reinforces that he's good with the Five Guys Alliance.  Dude, you don't have to have a Five Guys Alliance just because they had a Five Guys Alliance in the first Blood vs Water season.  Brad Culpepper pops by quickly to remind Rocker what their Five Guy Alliances actually are:

At Hunahpu, Drew is remembering that he was warned about tropical storms.  Has our conscience shown?  Has the sweet breeze blown?  They haven't experienced one yet, so Drew calls his tribe to action, preparing the shelter for a storm.  The only thing is, weaving palm fronds can be tedious work, bro.

Keith is appalled at Drew's laziness & let's us know exactly what he would do to this grown man if he were his own son.

Natalie annoys Drew while he's sleeping & snoring & calls him out on it, & I really, really like Natalie.  Jeremy tells her Drew's moronic behaviour is good for their game, but doesn't know if he'll last as long as he needs to for Jeremy to drag him to the end.

At the Reward Challenge/Exile Banishing, Jeremy sees that Val has been voted out.  Rocker publicly apologizes to Jeremy, & now both tribes know that they had struck a deal on Exile Island to look out for each other's loved one.

The Reward Challenge involves balancing on a wobbly beam, using giant spatulas to transfer tiles from one end to the other.  First to stack six wins a choice of a tarp, pillows, blankets, etc... or fishing gear.

Julie & Jaclyn do the Rock Paper Scissors, & again, playing against someone connected to Rocker, the challenger plays Rock.  Rocker never shared this info with Julie, & instead of playing Paper, she plays Scissors & loses.  Both Julie & Jaclyn just stand there for a minute trying to figure out who won because doesn't rock sharpen scissors?

Wes decides to compete as he says his Dad wouldn't be good at this at all & it sounds like he's angling for a whoopin'.  Probst keeps calling Wes "West" as if he's the Dread Pirate Roberts & not a Fireman from Louisiana.  Wes wins the first challenge for Coyopa, & Keith gets emotional instead of corporal punishment-al.

Wes chooses Josh to go to Exile with his Dad, & Coyopa chooses the fishing gear over the comfort.
Rocker leaves with one last "I did everything I could, I swear to you" to Jeremy, but Jeremy is now out to get Rocker.  Looks like this bromance was short-lived.

Intent on stirring up hate for John Rocker, Jeremy tells all of Hunahpu who he is.  "He said a bunch of racist and homosexual stuff".  Where is that article, because that one I'd like to read.  Julie isn't around for any of this, as she is crying in the woods because...I actually don't know.  She thinks Jeremy will vote her out next in retaliation?  She enjoys a good bromance & just really thought those two would hit it off?   She's upset.

On Exile Island, Keith & Josh are bonding.  If Keith wouldn't know how to act in Massachusetts, how is he going to know how to act on Broadway & 42nd?  He shares the Urn's clue with Josh, & they deduce that Rocker & Jeremy may have the idols.  They eat snails & figure out sleeping arrangements.  Keith declares "There won't be no spoonin'".  Yeah, I don't know if Keith has paid attention to what Josh is used to spooning with.  How ever will he resist the temptation of Keith?

LEGO just wouldn't do this body justice, & you know it, too.

At Coyopa, Baylor's trying to convince the boys to work with her & Jaclyn instead of Rocker.  Alec says She asks many questions, like children often do.

The Immunity Challenge involves an obstacle course for pairs, searching for balls to be shot into a basket.  First tribe to sink 3 wins Immunity.  Hunahpu wins, & Natalie starts yelling at Coyopa, urging them to vote out Rocker.

"I was hoping for a real fight."

Back at camp, Rocker says "Natalie called me a homophobe today.  Really?  My closest ally & closest friend on this tribe is a gay man."  And then my Twitter feed looked like:

Rocker attempts to get everyone on board for Dale while really getting them on board to vote for Baylor, but everyone seems to still want Rocker gone.  At Tribal Council, Jacyln has one piece of advice for the men on Coyopa:

Rocker does not play his Immunity Idol, & is voted out.

"Do you get to keep your Idol if you don't play it?  You do?  Then I would never play my Idol.  I would keep it as a souvenir."

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