Friday, November 18, 2011

Survivor South Pacific: Ponderosa: Jim & Keith

Ponderosa is a web-series that follows the Survivor jury members, & where they go, what they do, & most deliciously, what they eat.  We find out how much weight they have lost, what they desire first (beer), & in this episode, how many odd facial hair designs they can come up with.  Each episode is centered around the newest jury member(s).  They are always entertaining - I started watching when Coach, JT & Courtney made their own rock band, called The Dragons.  Obviously.  That episode was very entertaining.

The videos are available to watch over at, but for those of us outside of the US, here is the first webisode, split into 3 parts:

And just for fun, here's the Survivor Ponderosa featuring Coach, Courtney & JT's rock band.  It is awesome.  It also reminds me how much I loved Courtney.  Bring Courtney back!

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