Saturday, June 23, 2012

Zombie Decor

So, you want to join the trend of Zombie decor that's taken over the world?  If you want to be exactly like everyone else, fine.

First, you need a kid who is passionate about zombies & art, & who has a crazy idea to decorate the house with zombies.  Any kind of zombie will do, but my kid wanted zombies from Plants vs. Zombies.

So, put that kid to work. 

Next, you need to cut out all this awesome art.  You'll probably have to do this work yourself, since kids suck with scissors.  Seriously, they're fucking awful.  If your kid is as considerate as the one I used, he'll let you know what needs to be cut out, & maybe even hover over your shoulder to make sure you're doing it right.  Try to remember you are assisting an artist with his Masterpiece here, so respect the process & don't be a douche.  If your kid wants a zombie cut down to his exposed tibia, you do it, & you do it perfectly.

Once your art is properly cut & ready for mounting, you have to decide how to place them on the wall.  If dealing with Plants vs Zombies as we were, it can lead to very heated discussions.  Surely we need Dolphin Rider!  Make sure Football Zombie & Garangtour are in the Melon-pult row...& let's add a Hypno-Shroom to be safe.  Maybe a Mine-Cart Zombie would be a welcome addition!  Soccer Zombie, too!

Once you have reached a layout agreement with your kid, attach zombies to a poster to place on the wall, or if you just don't care, tape them right on the wall.  (You can guess what we did).

The result: a zombie-themed wall, just like everybody else in the world.  So boring.

Read more about this overdone trend here.  If you want to conform.

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