Friday, August 17, 2012

Accordion Locations

During a 1989 family vacation in Newfoundland, my parents videotaped my Great Uncle Leo playing his accordion.  Here are all the different locations & angles they utilized:

The corner of a room!

The corner of a different room!  I know it's a different room because...

...this floor is carpeted & needed the foot-tapping boards brought along.

With the Atlantic Ocean in the background!

Greenery in the background!

A dam (?) in the background!

On a car, with the ocean, greenery, the dam (?), & me in an acid-washed jean jacket in the background!

In a chair, next to me & my Mom!

From this angle!

And that angle!

In front of a house, with his audience behind him!

After watching this hour of footage, 2 things became clear: My Great Uncle Leo could really play that accordion...& he was a really, really good sport.

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