Thursday, August 02, 2012

Hey, Awkward Kids - It Gets Better

This is my It Gets Better video for you.  For all of the internet - nay, for all of the world.

Supermodels often say they were awkward in adolescence.   I am no supermodel now, so you can only imagine how much further down the loser scale I was in school...

I take that back.
Nobody could ever, ever imagine this.

12 years old.
Crimped hair.
Enormous glasses.
Speech impediment caused by a new retainer.
2 instruments.
Absolutely no talent.

It gets better.

My favourite moment is when I say, "I started* the French Horn in Grade 7 music class, but it didn't work out for me", & then I proceeded to PROVE IT. 

I don't know whether to hug my parents for videotaping that without laughing, or never speak to them again for videotaping it in the first place.  Were they actually amazed by my musical ability?  Did they think, "She may never look this gorgeous again - let's capture it now before she loses it!"?  Or could they have foreseen the fall-off-the-couch laughing fit that I would have with my son when I happened upon it 20 years later?

Whatever their reason, I'm glad to have it as a reminder to myself (& to my son when he hits the inevitable awkward stage) that I was once a giant loser who had a rough time for a few years, & I still turned out pretty ok.**

*Could be "studied" - it'th hard to dethipher thinth the retainer worthenth the thlight lithp I already had.

**Assuming I'm not deluded, & that I actually have improved with age.  Otherwise, I suppose I'll look back at this post in 20 years & fall off another couch.

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