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Survivor: Philippines - The Cast

With only 29 days until the premiere of Survivor: Philippines, here is a quick rundown of the newly announced cast.

The "Meet the cast" videos are at (or for those outside the US, they are on YouTube), & you can watch the Dalton Ross pre-show interviews via Entertainment Weekly.

I'll divide everyone up into their 3 tribes, beginning with the returnees.



What can I say about Penner?  My favourite Survivor of all time, Penner loves & knows this game.  He's intelligent, hilarious, a hard-worker & fierce competitor.  He has the looks of a more refined Mike Portnoy (those eyes! sigh) with the voice of Alan Alda.  Penner was forced to leave Survivor: Fans vs Favorites when a leg injury became badly infected.  Most heartbreaking moment of Survivor ever.

Carter is a young track coach who doesn't believe in using belts to their full potential.

I like Dana.  In her video, she seems real & outdoorsy & smart.  What would she most like to have with her? "Picture of my family – to remind myself of the lives it will change if I win."  I like Dana.

I really like Dawson (she'll be going by her last name like that other favourite of mine, Cochran).  She seems really fun, & is a superfan.  She also claims to have made a girl cry over a game of Cranium.  Damn.  I respect anyone who takes their board-gaming as seriously as I do.  If she's a big fan like she says, there's probably a lot of respect for Penner, so hopefully we'll see a Penner-Dawson alliance?

Jeff is a former baseball player, most notably with the San Francisco Giants. He was a Toronto Blue Jay in 1992, & I would have a story to tell if only he had been a Jay in 1990, the summer my parents took me to to many games, even though I just sat there listening to Mariah Carey's debut album in my Walkman.  What a story that would have been.  I really like the way he speaks with a quiet intensity in his interviews, like he's a spy.

I imagine Katie on Survivor will be like finally seeing Kelly Kapowski on that camping trip everyone goes on at the end of that classic Saved By The Bell episode "The Fabulous Belding Boys".  Basically, she looks like Tiffani Amber Thiesson.  That's all I got.  Oh, & Delaware Delaware Delaware.  I don't think I've ever known so much where a contestant was from.



Skupin has been called a psychopath, due to him going Lord-of-the-Flies in Survivor: Australia on a poor little piggy.  A great provider of fish &, um, pork, he was forced to leave after he inhaled smoke & fell into the campfire, severely burning his hands.  I have that image of the skin peeling from his hands burned into my brain.  Horrifying.

Abi-Maria is originally from Brazil.  She was originally recruited for Survivor:Tocantins, but that didn't work out since that's kind of where she's from.  She likes ruffles on her bikinis.

I find the earrings distracting, but I like Artis, who may already be this season's most quotable player.  In his EW interview, he says he's "a chameleon with the ferocity of a praying mantis".  Dudes, I saw a praying mantis documentary last year & those things are insane.  Artis has beaten stage 4 cancer, & lists his ex-wife as his inspiration, saying "she’s my light, my strength, my everything. I pray everyday that we are brought back together".  Awwwwwwww!  Team Artis!

Lisa looks pretty much the same as when she played prissy Blair on The Facts of Life.  A fan of the show, she campaigned for her spot.  I promise there will be no theme song jokes.

Pete thinks he can be a social chameleon because he's "been almost every single kind of guy", & goes on to tell us all the different kind of guys he has been: hardcore gamer, jock, frat boy, the kid that sits home & studies, & finally, the kid riddled with acne who is now a model.  Pete is most proud that he put his engineering degree to the side so he could model.  Yeah.

I like RC quite a bit, despite a hoop-rolling competition being her claim to fame.  An investment banker who is athletic & a strong swimmer, she's intelligent, well-spoken, & a fan of the show. 


The "nice Russell" from Survivor: Samoa, Russell was a great leader, fun, & really just super-likeable.  Russell over-exerted himself & was evacuated for dehydration after a very scary fainting episode.

Angie is another pageant girl, who doesn't want to "make anyone annoyed", & says she has "negative personalities that might come out".  Angie also called herself "well-rounded" without any intention of an double entendre.   Aw, good luck, sweetie.
*Update: Angie posted the following on facebook: "Watch me compete for the title of SOUL Survivor!"  Hey, maybe she's really, really deep?

Denise has been practicing how to make fire.  It drives me crazy when people go into Survivor not knowing how to make fire.  She also brought a sports-bra to wear so she doesn't have to do physical things in a bikini top.  She is someone who actually prepared for Survivor, so SHE IS MY FAVOURITE.  I hope the young players keep this strong, smart lady around.

Malcolm is a very likeable, smart superfan who understands that the game plan changes depending on the people around you.  He says he can't see anything without hairbands, so he brought a bunch of them, & they're all around his wrists.  He's prepared, too.  I like Malcolm.

Roxy is a seminary student who says she's most like Brandon.  Jesus is on her side, & He wouldn't have brought her this far for too bad, other Christian contestants!  Jesus loves Survivor, & he loves Roxy more than He loves you.  She seems very sweet & nice & hopefully she brought more than faith with her.

Zane's pet peeves are as follows: "butt-kissing, lazy people & ice cream sprinkles".  The man is too hard-core for sprinkles!  Zane tried to put on weight before Survivor instead of working out so he'd look pretty on TV.  Just when I'm starting to like Zane, I see that he says he's most like Brandon.  Well, even I liked Brandon for an episode or 2 when he was Cochran's protector, so maybe there's hope for Zane.

With 7 of the players over 40, & 3 tribes to start, this actually looks like it may be a great season for the "older" players.  Beyond that, I make no predictions.  Bring on September 19.

Are you happy with the players they brought back?  Any newbies you're excited about?

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