Monday, September 03, 2012

The Confectionery - 15

These are the things that I think are great.  So great that I want to sing about them.

J.K. Rowling has been given permission to build Hogwarts-inspired tree houses for her 2 youngest children.  40' tall, on stilts, complete with a rope bridge, secret tunnels & an owl post.  After looking at these plans, I am not ashamed to say that I am jealous of these kids.

Maybe the smaller house will be stocked with Butterbeer & treats from Honeydukes.  How I wish I could apparate.

Artist Amanda Visell has created Star Wars wooden figures, complete with boxes to display them in, or next to.  They are pretty much the most adorable things ever.  I mean, Princess Leia comes with a comb & a mirror.

See Amanda's whimsical Star Wars series here, & spend all day looking at, & maybe purchasing, her beautiful art - paintings, sculptures, & figures - here.

Recently LEGO released a short film to celebrate its 80th Anniversary.  The film tells the story of the Christiansen family behind the Danish company, & of the struggles & persistence that resulted in what is arguably the greatest toy ever.  (I say "arguably" to be fair, but if you actually argue with this, I don't think we can be friends.)  Of course, being a LEGO-lover, I already knew much of this incredible story, but there are details that were new to me (I knew that LEGO got its name from the Danish phrase meaning "Play Well", but I didn't know what LEGO coincidentally means in Latin: "I Put It Together").  The short film is beautiful, charming & touching.  I love that it includes a reference to the photo taken of the 3 generations of Christiansens who have run the company, Ole, Godtfred & Kjeld.  Well done as always, LEGO.


Scott Weaver has been working on this toothpick sculpture of San Francisco for 35 years.  35 years. For detailed photos of each section, & a video of ping pong balls moving through the sections (explained by Scott), go here.  The man loves his city, & would be a great spokesperson for Elmer's Glue, as he says it's the only glue he has used.  35 years

Yes, I'm aware it's not 1985, but I feel this must be shared.  On Saturday I was at a wedding & found out that a 21 year old acquaintance of mine did not know this song.  At all.  Not even from an 80's-themed party or anything.  She didn't even know the iconic video, & I practically acted it out on the dance floor.  Clearly, there needs to be a resurgence in the popularity of this song & video.  Share it with the young people in your life, immediately.

Be sure to check out the literal video version of Take On Me at funnyordie, & if you've never seen a literal video version, you MUST begin with Total Eclipse of The Heart.  It is the best thing the internet has come up with, IMO.  I still think "Fonzie's Been Cloned" & "Mullet With Headlights" would be amazing band names.

Those were my favourite internet sweets of the past week.  Come back next week for more goodies!


Linds said...

Who the heck did not know that song!? That was on my "must play" list for the DJ - a classic!

Lisa Ferreira said...

Becky! She looked at me like I was crazy!

Anonymous said...

My Mom showed me this video when I was 6 or 7. "He transports into the Comic" I loved it and still do!

Alan Branton

Lisa Ferreira said...

Yes, a total classic, Al!