Monday, March 09, 2015

Survivor: Worlds Apart - LEGO - No Qualms

In an interesting turn, we don't start the episode with White Collar's night-vision return to camp after voting So out.  We begin at Blue Collar's camp the next morning, where Mike is eating all of the creatures with exoskeletons that he can find.

Another exoskeleton of sorts - a terribly necessary one - has gone missing in a wave.

Over at White Collar, they finally have fire on Day 4 & the heat is too much for Max, who strips down to swim.

Personally, I don't think nudity is that big a deal, but a lot has been said about the nakedness this week.  IMO, a naked Max blurred out is much less revealing than a Max in his underwear, so I'm not really sure why viewers have been making such a fuss.  Of course, I just finished a run of The Full Monty, so maybe I'm too used to seeing naked men walk around.  (I know that sounds implausible, but it could happen.  You place tassels on an ass every night for 3 weeks, & it becomes as mundane as your mic check.)  My point is that all of the people who found this offensive & disrespectful strictly because of the nudity - & not for any other reason - should want Max naked.  Blur = actual coverage.

Hipster Academic Type with wood
Hippie Academic Type being free

Well, nudity isn't a big deal unless you're 10.

For Max's tribemates, it's another story.

Shirin says: "It's actually super convenient to be naked a lot of the time.", & with that, she joins in & ups the ante by doing chores while she's naked.  HAPPY BELATED INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY.

Here's my theory - somehow Max & Shirin knew that island-Joaquin with the buff accentuating his floppy hair would, off-island, become a bearded dude with a man bun, & their clothes just disappeared.  It just happens sometimes.

I mean, I don't know about you, but *my* clothes are now missing.

Over at No Collar, Hali is "trying to get to know" Nina.  Every single time Hali speaks, I see & hear Myra from Episodes.  I don't think that will change anytime soon.

Hali & Jenn are not sure how to deal with Nina's deafness.  Jenn says "I don't know how people hold conversations with her."  Vince is put off by this, as his people, those who identify as No Collar (which is totally a thing & always has been), are "kind, heart-centered, compassionate" people.  But he's not seeing that reflected in the way Hali & Jenn treat Nina.  I mean, they didn't even send her a Save-the-Date for a skinny dip.  Part of their reasoning?  

At Blue Collar, Mike is annoyed by his tribe's lack of work ethic.  He's all about getting water & wood, & the rest of his tribe is all about basketball.

At No Collar, Vince is frustrated because he works hard, & nobody notices.  Joe catches a few crabs & he's AMAZING & PERFECT.

Vince wants acknowledgement from Joe that he steamrolls over people.  Joe's just doing what he thought was right, and wanted, and best for everyone.  Nobody was steamrolled.  Vince just wants "a good 10 seconds of beauty, bliss, peace", & have I mentioned how much I adore Vince?  Jenn feels like Vince is "a little too No Collar for his own good."  Too No Collar?  Impossible.  Breaking the rules is the No Collar thing.  Probst said so!

Immunity challenge time, & it involves swimming, maneuvering buoys through obstacles, & then using them to play basketball.  Maybe Blue Collar knew what they were doing after all.  The first tribe to finish wins Immunity & a large fishing kit, the second tribe to finish wins Immunity & a small fishing kit, and the last tribe goes to Tribal Council.

Will gets stuck with the buoy & drops No Collar to last place.  But don't worry (but also don't tell Vince) - Joe is still waiting to go & dives into the water so perfectly & gracefully he's like a fucking dolphin.  A dreamy dolphin with a man bun.

White Collar is first to start throwing their buoys & Joaquin sinks 2 before the other tribes even begin.  They finish first, followed by Blue Collar.  Joe's dreamy man-bunned dolphin couldn't quite get it done, & No Collar is heading to Tribal Council.  Vince cannot believe how poorly they performed.

Will is exhausted, & Vince thinks he's unhealthy and will be no help in future challenges, but Will is in his alliance with Nina, & Dreamy Joe is not.  Dreamy Joe asks Will to vote with him and the girls to get Nina out, & they decide to split the votes because...reasons, I guess?  Will tells Vince all of this, & they decide to vote Jenn out so they still have Joe's strength in challenges & magical hair around camp.  Will tells Nina the plan & she's like Really? Vote out one of the girls who didn't invite me skinny dipping?

Nina then tells Will that Vince is concerned about his health.  Will gets nervous, & that changes everything.

No Collar heads to Tribal Council.

Time to vote, votes are read, & I just want them to keep the man buns, both feathered & featherless.  Alas, I should have known not to love someone so hard so fast, because Vince is voted out, & there goes my entertainment & my favourite LEGO minifigure of Season 30.

Whether I will be live-tweeting this week's episode or not depends on whether or not the Gotham Comedy Club has Wifi or if some nice person wants to hotspot their connection for me because I'll be at the Live Know It Alls Event in NY!  If you'll be there too, let me know - I'll make you a minifigure if you buy me a bourbon on the rocks.

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