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Survivor: Worlds Apart - LEGO - Truth Seeking

The 30th season of Survivor begins with the tribes arriving via trucks.  Kai approved.

"It makes it look epic, coming through the mud.  Also they can grab things off of trees as they pass them."

Tribes are divided into White Collar, Blue Collar, & No Collar, as previously noted in my reveal of the LEGO cast.  They all have actual tribe names, as well - Masaya, Escameca, & Nagarote.

"Nobody will call them by those names."

White Collar
Blue Collar
No Collar

We are treated to brief little intros, some of which contain gems like:

We can all agree we love this guy the most, right?

"I like Dan.  He's confident - Bring it on!  Also hairy."

Tribes are asked to choose a leader.  Max makes a comment about No Collars not being able to make a decision. LOL, you guys.  L.O.L.  All the chosen leaders must then choose a second-in-command, & they go off & have a choice between Honest & Deceive - how this is not Honesty & Deception, or Honest & Deceptive, I don't know, but it hurts my brain.  White Collars Joaquin & So are the only pair to choose the dishonest option - a small bag of beans for the tribe, & a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol for themselves.

Along with a small bag of beans, they bring back a horrible lie to their tribe.  So tells them they had 3 choices - honest, deceive, & neutral.

Kai recalls that So referred to herself as the devil in her intro.  "You are the devil because you picked deceive."

Crabs are scurrying along the beach, being swung around, & being corralled into pots.
"Some crabs were harmed in the making of this film."

Blue Collar motors through building their camp, getting fire started without a flint, & general camaraderie.

Rodney uses the time-honoured tradition of tattoo-comparison to bond with Lindsey.  Mike says he knew if he had a chance to get extra protein, he would take that chance.

If only this season had been filmed back-to-back with the first Blood vs Water instead of the second.  I could have made another Gervase's scorpion tattoo joke.  Somehow.  I would have made it work.

Mike isn't the only one who's all about the protein - just ask Dalton Ross' minifigure:

Over at No Collar, they've created a commune of their very own with feathers, happiness & free love.  They worship a coconut & Vince is in his element, truth-seeking all over the place.

"Maybe the feathers attract customers to his coconut place?"

"There's something about Jenn that just seems real, & that makes me comfortable.  Completely.  Emotionally secure, physically secure, & it's wonderful.

Must be genetics.

"Oh Vince.  Such a flirter."

Jenn has made Vince so comfortable & secure, in fact, that he takes over the building of the shelter with strict ideas & instructions, much to Joe's chagrin.  He reminds Vince that they aren't White Collars, or even Blue Collars.  They're No Collars!  That's a thing!  They don't make or follow the rules - they break the rules.  Probst said so!

Vince is not impressed & actually sees Joe as the one being too strict.  "We need to have collaboration (read: an orgy).  If we don't have that, it's gonna be a problem."

Over at Blue Collar, Dan is snapping at everyone.  Did we say we're doing 3 posts?  "That's stupid.  That is the dumbest thing you can do."  He speaks slowly to Sierra & Lindsey like they're toddlers.

Dan is in his underwear & Kai wants to talk puberty.
"Chests can get too hairy.  Look at Dan.  Too hairy.  You would get it if you were a boy.  I mean, I know I'm only 10, but it's coming."

At No Collar, Joe impresses Jenn by starting fire without flint based on a YouTube video he watched before he left.  The fire isn't the only thing that needs fanning.

Vince feels threatened, & everyone else on the internet seems to think he's creepy, but I think he's just thinking of his alliance & his position in the game. loljk  He's pretty intense, but I still love him the most.  HE'S JUST SEEKING THE TRUTH, YOU GUYS.

Over at White Collar, their shelter sucks, & they can't make fire.  Joaquin points out that they're White Collars, so why would they know how to make a fire?

Carolyn watches Joaquin & So go off, obviously looking for an idol, so she looks around the same areas.

The Immunity Challenge is a large obstacle course ending in a puzzle of their choosing - either 5, 10, or 50 pieces.  First & second tribes to finish win a fire-making kit & a flint, respectively, & both win Immunity.

White Collar has a big lead until the puzzle portion.  They choose the 50 piece where the other 2 tribes choose the 10 piece, a repeat of Cochran's final Caramoan Immunity puzzle.

Max sees this & gains confidence.  "Guys, they are not in a million years getting that."  Max's sense of how long things should take is quite distorted, however, as seen from his slow sashay over to the puzzle as if he has all the time in the world.  He is proven wrong as Joe impresses yet again & finishes the puzzle as quickly as he made fire & as fiercely as he stole Jenn's attention from Vince.  Mike follows soon after for the Blue Collars, sending the White Collars to the first Tribal Council of season 30.

"The challenge was great, the results were bad.  I would have liked everyone to have to do all 3 puzzles.  It would be more dramatic, & at the end the music would go dun dun dun DUNDUNDUN White Collar...Wins...Immunity!"

So has a confessional in a tree & with her hair covering her bra & her legs crossed, she looks just like a mermaid.  I knew I chose her LEGO torso well.

The White Collars go back & forth over who to vote out, & it seems the decision rests with Tyler, who apparently is now called "The Big Man".

**Personal sidenote - I just finished up a 3 week sold-out run of The Full Monty, where I played Georgie, who calls her husband "Big Man", so this is bittersweet for me as the post-show sadness has hit hard this week.  You can look at pictures from the show during its run, backstage pics, & the ridiculous amount of debauchery at our cast party here.**

The White Collars head to Tribal Council, which, let's be honest, is the moment Kai & I have been waiting for ever since we got the LEGO Ewok Village Set.

Probst asks about the decision Joaquin & So had to make, & right away, it's clear that everyone knew they lied.

So then spills the (smaller bag of) beans all over her tribe of 6.

Shirin is digesting the new information that she's not a part of The Core Four of Max, Tyler, So & Joaquin with a Survivor reference.

Carolyn says But wait - she's in a solid alliance with Max & Shirin, & now Carolyn & So are arguing over who Max actually has been lying to.  Let me save you all the truth-seeking - it's both of you.

Everyone votes, & So is the first boot of Survivor: Worlds Apart.  Turns out So was lied to a little bit more than Carolyn was, & So is sent packing to Ponderosa with little more than

On the upside, she's the first one who gets this epic exit from Tribal Council?

"I like how she hits her head before she slides down."

Special thanks to Clayton Spivey, Jessica Frey, & Mollie Block for their help with this episode/recap.  You guys are more amazing than a day of sourdough bread, bourbon, Chipotle, & Samoas.

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