Thursday, December 15, 2011

Survivor Buff For Me!!

Last night I was on a mission.  A mission to win a signed Survivor buff from Jeff Probst.  I have mentioned in previous recaps that Jeff is very active on Survivor nights, tweeting & touting with viewers, answering questions, & showing off those magnificent dimples.  He randomly swags a select few with signed buffs for their queries, comments & photos.  Last week I was ready to send him the LEGO characters I had made for my previous all-LEGO recap, when Jeff announced he would be absent from twitter that night.  My heart was broken, as I'm sure Cochran's was, as the last episode was a big one for him.  Turns out Jeff just got married, so I'm glad he wasn't tweeting on his Honeymoon...or am I? Congratulations, Jeff!

Anyway, last night Jeff promised to give out twice the amount of buffs, so I made it my mission.  I sat down with my iPad & iPhone, & I must have tweeted him this photo about 30 times over the course of the episode. 

Totally buff-worthy, right?

Sorry about that Jeff, & twitter followers who were on twitter between 8-9pm last night...I have since deleted the extra 29 tweets.  Jeff gets so many tweets that I couldn't possibly expect him to see just one tweet, & damn it, I was on a mission.  I wasn't checking tout during the episode, & I wish I had, because it turns out Jeff did indeed see that very first tweet, & mine was the first buff given away!

I can't quite figure out how to embed a tout video here, but make sure to CLICK HERE to watch Jeff Probst's reaction to my LEGO Jeff Probst & Final 7.  It made my night, & my son Kai loved that jeff Probst said his name.  I have to say that I was skeptical of the touting at first, but this video is WAY COOLER than just a quoted tweet.  I can't wait to get my buff in the mail & I promise to wear it & never take it off until it smells as bad as I think they can smell.


Sandra said...

Congrats Lisa! That's awesome!

Andrew Donovan said...

hi i won one recently but i'm not sure how he would get my contact info. how did he get your contact information?

Lisa Ferreira said...

If you won it via twitter, you should have been contacted by the publicist, Lori. On twitter, she's @LD425 & you have to follow her & send your info via DM. Hope that helps. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I won a buff a couple of weeks ago but have never been contacted by anyone. : ( Any idea what I should do now? I was soooo excited to get it!! Thanks

Lisa Ferreira said...

I also won another one a few weeks ago & haven't been contacted as quickly this time. My best advice is to tweet Lori, as I mentioned in the comment above, & hope that she'll get back to you ASAP - that's what I've done. Congrats!