Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Survivor South Pacific: Ponderosa: Dawn & Whitney

The Ponderosa webisodes are up, detailing Dawn & Whitney's arrival at Camp Upgrade after their double elimination.  I'm sure you don't really care how much weight they've lost, or what food item they go for first - you want to see what happens when Whitney & Keith are together.  Well, they are together.  Obnoxiously so.

Whitney takes the time to explain how theirs is a love that could not be restrained, & that she has a boyfriend at home, so she had to be careful when there were cameras around.  She explains this to a camera.  There is straddling, kissing, hand holding, frolicking in the waters...I'm just surprised they weren't rolling around in the sand.

Also, Dawn is emotional, Jim is now wearing the hideous green skirt, & you can see Keith's awful man capris up close!

Again, if you are in the US, you can watch on cbs.com.
For everyone else, here it is, in 3 parts:

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