Thursday, December 22, 2011

Survivor South Pacific: Ponderosa - Brandon, Rick & Ozzy

The final Ponderosa videos are up for those of us not in the US.

Brandon is as thankful for everything as you would expect, Rick is mad & is just mad, & Ozzy is frustrated in his surfer zen way (lots of "dude"s & "aw man"s).

Everyone goes on a day trip, & Cochran is excited to swim in a trench that was featured in Heroes vs Villains, & reflects on his comfort level while waves crash on the rocks behind him.  "A little pasty nerd like me in the South Pacific, surrounded by this...I feel like I kind of blend in with it now.  30 days ago...I would have felt out of my element, but now, I'm a man of nature, a man in the South Pacific...I'm just a man! The fact that I'm saying 'man' is in itself a development."

Rick tells Edna she cleans up real nice, & stares at Whitney, saying she looks a lot different.  Whitney, now with make-up & clean hair & clothes, & private sexy time with Keith, doesn't know how to take that.  Y'all are tellin' me that I didn't look this good when livin' on a beach, all smelly, & gittin' bit by them there bugs fer 25 days?

Rick wants to borrow Cochran's razor to shave his gnarly neck (like he'd ever shave that magnificent 'stache), & Cochran is concerned about general hygiene & says he can't find it.  When he does find it, he is thrilled to discover that the razor isn't charged - "Some things do work out in the South Pacific!" - & can offer it to Rick with an "aw, shucks".

Ozzy drains a bottle of beer after his check-up & I like him more in that 1 minute than I have in his 3 seasons on Survivor.  Everyone tells Ozzy they would have voted for him, & Ozzy is smiling through his frustration.  An Ozzy's gotta do what an Ozzy's gotta do, so he goes swimming.

As always, the videos are available at if you live in the US.  For the rest of us, here they are:




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