Sunday, December 18, 2011

Survivor South Pacific: Ponderosa - Edna

Edna's episodes of her arrival at the Ponderosa camp for jury members are actually really great.  For someone who didn't have much of a presence in the game, she comes across as very likeable here...maybe the pressure was too much for her, as she says she's excited for Ponderosa while holding back trembling tears. It's pretty cute that she points out that 33 days is the longest she's ever gone without a shower.  Me thinks you doth protest too much!  Someone do some digging & find documentation of Edna's 3 month experience in the Mojave desert.

After her shower, she changes into an "I love nerds" shirt & puts her hair up using only a pencil: a skill I am extremely envious of.  I wish I had liked her more when she was in the game.  Upon arrival, she is not greeted with the same passive aggressiveness that Cochran had to deal with.  It's a big happy family now, led by lovebirds Keith & his true love Whitney, who jokes about buying South Pacific S&M products to play with back in their tent while Keith looked embarrassed.

On the beach, Whitney is sunbathing in Elyse's bathing suit, which was left behind because they blindsided Elyse & she didn't have time to pack.  So I hope you like that fact that Keith is getting all up in your bathing suit, Elyse!  Whitney says a number of hilarious things, given the fact that she left her secret husband when she fell for Keith.  She says she doesn't even like the bathing suit, which is sparkly & actually really cute, because she is "so anti-sparkle it's ridiculous."  Does that include shiny diamond rings?  Zing! Nailed it.  So why is she wearing someone else's bathing suit when she doesn't even like it?  "I like to have options."  Yeah you do.

If you only have time to watch one part of Edna's Ponderosa experience, I implore you to watch the second part, as it features a robot-dancing Cochran which is both impressive & adorable.

As always, those in the US can watch the Ponderosa episodes at, & the rest of us can watch here:

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