Monday, October 01, 2012

The Confectionery - 19

These are the things that I think are great.

To promote the UK premeire of Covert Affairs, make-up artist Carolyn Roper camouflaged models around London, using body paint.  Incredible.

Go here to see more of Carolyn's work.

Will Twilight ever not be made fun of?  Hopefully not.  A few weeks ago, I shared the hilarious Bad Lip-Reading of Twilight, where we learned never to eat Edward's cake.  I've just discovered Honest Trailers, so here is the Honest Trailer of Twilight, starring Vanilla & Shovel Face.

I love The Avengers Honest Trailer, as well.  "Witness the excitement of Iron Man repairing a spaceship for 20 minutes."


Yes, you can see the handler behind this adorable Stingray.  Does that make this photo any less awesome?  No.  Here's an excerpt from a letter one of the girls wrote to the Huffington Post after this photo went viral:
This photo was taken five years ago in Cayman Island at Stingray Island. We were on a cruise for spring break. The photographer originally asked us to take a photo with the stingray in front of us, which we did, but then afterward as a joke he put it on our backs without us knowing! Our reactions are genuine, and the photographer snapped the photo at the perfect time! We had no idea that the photo was so brilliant until later when he showed us the proof. We immediately bought it. From left to right are Sarah Bourland, Natalie Zaysoff, Kendall Harlan.

And just because, here's one more animal photobomb, this time a sloth.  *squeal*

Cory McLeod's parents took a photo of his face every day, for 21 years.  Watch a person grow in this fascinating time-lapse video.

My Sister-in-Law brought this to my attention last week, which I think was kind of cruel because why didn't she just order it for me?  You can't just say "Hey Lisa, this would look cool next to your dragon head!", & leave it at that.   It's only $3500!  Take in its beauty:

Check out more of this artist's work at ArtAkimbo's Etsy shop (where there are also smaller versions for around $250 - I'm not suggesting everybody should pitch in, but that's kind of a great idea & I would like it in purple.).

Jimmy Fallon recently had the cast of his new show (Guys with Kids) on, & they presented this ambitious medley of TV theme songs.  Sadly missing is the Growing Pains theme song, but it is well done, & you can't help but smile. 

So, show me that smile again (oooh, show me that smile).

Those were my favourite sweets of the past week.  Come back next week for more goodies!

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