Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Survivor One World: 24.4 The Precap

I won't be able to watch the next 2 episodes as they air, so I thought I'd do a little "precap", based on the press images available for tonight's new episode.  I'll combine the next 2 episodes together in my next recap, which will probably be a few days late.

Based on the promo for tonight's episode, something big goes down.  Or it could just be a "the most dramatic rose ceremony ever" tease, who knows? 

It appears as if someone cheats in a challenge, perhaps throwing it completely.  From last week's "next time on Survivor" promo, we know that Colton & Bill have a confrontation.  Could Colton have orchestrated a good ol'fashioned challenge-throwing to get rid of Bill?  Hmmm....

The claim is made that for the first time, someone will change the game forever.  But we all know Cochran already did that last season; his comment about Jeff Probst's blue shirts affected our dear host terribly - this year's wardrobe has been a virtual rainbow of muted green & navy & black, & we're only 4 episodes in!  What's next - taupe?

Based on the press images, here are my predictions for tonight:

Alicia has not designed a more supportive top for herself, as I was hoping.  She has fishing wire & an abundance of bats hanging around (if we are to believe the editors), so why not make yourself a bat-wing bikini?  Really, anything would do a better job holding those suckers in place.  Maybe don't wear your buff around your neck, is all I'm saying.

Because of Alicia's determination to show off her girls, a portion of a challenge, involving Alicia running, will be slow-mo'd on many a DVR.

A sprinting Alicia is not the last we'll see of flying coconuts in this episode...they will also be launched through the air, presumably towards tiles.

Here is where Colton will throw the challenge: ignoring the intended targets, he chooses instead to aim for Bill's curls.

The girls win that challenge, obviously, & with it the reward of a Restoration Hardware Rustic Palm-Frond Firewood Carrier (retails at $299.99).  Kim does work around camp, & Kat chases frogs with a stick.

Bill & Colton have a fight, involving many dudes, bros & bitches, & Bill weeps, causing his mascara to run.

Colton asks Mike, who reveals himself to be a genie, to grant his wish of voting Bill out.  Just nod, Mike, & it will be so.

Mike later whispers Colton's secrets into Jay's ear as they frolic together on a see-saw.  In plain view of everyone.

Clearly, this PDA is what prompts the cries of "Cheater!" we heard in the promo.  This is the shocking betrayal.

Colton is infuriated at the scene unfolding before him & changes his mind.  Bill can stay now, bro!

Mike is blindsided at Tribal Council & is the 2nd Rooster to become a Capon at Colton's hands.

If you're reading this after the episode has aired, I'm sure you're thinking, "I don't buy it, Lisa. You obviously watched this episode before it aired.  It's just TOO accurate to be a coincidence."  Feel free to send accusations flying at me like Survivor coconuts.  Maybe CBS will learn from this.  They shouldn't make the outcome of the episode so bloody obvious through the photos they choose to release.  And that is all I will say about that.

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